Everglow's Yiren posts hints of return after hiatus from New Year's bowing controversy

Article: Everglow's Yiren spotted in China 10 months after she refused to do Korean style 'bow' for New Year's

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+136] I really wish agencies would stop accepting Chinese members

2. [+63] People should be allowed to not have to do something that doesn't align with their religion or culture

3. [+43] Should just stay in China and work there...😂

4. [+15] It's a part of their culture to not bow to anyone but their parents ㅋ it probably felt weird for her to have to bow and wondered if she really had to do it..

5. [+4] I don't think this is anything to hate on her for. She just lacked some sense in the moment~ since most people are of the opinion that you should do as the Romans do when in Rome (crimes aside). She refused to bow because she was only thinking of her culture, which shows a lack of sense all things considered.

6. [+8] It's just... basic sense, isn't it? It's not like you're betraying your country by bowing, and it's not like she's forced to bow every single day. It's just how Koreans give their New Year's greetings..

7. [+1] It is not a crime to refuse to bow

8. [+9] Just stay in China and don't come back

9. [+62] Let's please stop accepting Chinese people in our idol industry

10. [+22] Every single one of the Chinese idols end up dining and dashing ㅋㅋㅋ they're only here to make money just long enough while saying "I love you guys" what a joke