Adult actress Seo Ha Nee looks for genuine love through tears

Article: Woman cries over wanting to find real love "I want a man who will understand my career as an adult actress"

Source: Insight via Instagram

Former adult actress Seo Ha Nee currently runs a candlemaking shop and introduces herself as a 'candle artist' to prospective dates. Through tears, she explained, "Men send me unwanted photos on SNS. I'm so scared of being recognized in public that I've never even been able to go view cherry blossoms with a boyfriend in hand. In the summer, I want to go on dates to water parks and go watch the foliage change in the fall. I want to go to ski in the winter. I really wonder if there's someone out there who can love me despite my past."

1. [+433] I don't think this is something that she can blame someone for as biased and demand that they be understanding of it. It would probably be easier for her to find love with someone who worked in the same industry.

2. [+241] Who would be understanding of that ㅜㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+233] All choices come with responsibility ㅋㅋ she chose this career knowing this would happen, no? No one forced her to do it.
- [+4] Yeah, I don't think any man could marry someone who could've been viewed by their own dongsaeng, father, or friends

4. [+154] Hmm.. not that I think she could find a man who has never watched such videos, but I do hope she finds someone who can love her despite it all ㅠㅜ

5. [+87] If marriage was something she wanted in her future, she should've chosen a different career path. What kind of man would be understanding of such a career? This isn't a foreign country.

6. [+44] When she chose this career, she should've thought of her future. I know that there's no class when it comes to a job but I personally look down on this ㅠ

7. [+18] She doesn't seem to have lived an easy life

8. [+14] ??? But duh? Surely she jumped into this career knowing that this would happen? I don't understand what she expected to happen ㅋ

9. [+13] I feel bad for her..

10. [+11] Perhaps she should date a foreigner

11. [+10] If it's any consolation, adult actors in Korea may show skin but the videos are filmed in such a way that the deed doesn't actually happen. It's a bit different from Japanese AV...

12. [+3] She may need to lie if she wants a partner...

13. [+9] Perhaps if she got a new face through plastic surgery and bought a completely new identity, she may be able to get married

14. But is marriage necessary? I truly hope that she just decided to go on this show for the money and that she doesn't actually care about getting married. Marriage isn't the end all, be all. Someone in her situation may get married one day but I don't think it would be to a decent man.

15. [+6] But adult actors in our country aren't actually doing the deed like foreign videos. It's just acting. I think she's getting way too much hate for how little she probably did.