TV: "Today's Webtoon" ends at 1.6% viewer ratings

Article: "Today's Webtoon" ends with viewer ratings in the 1%... lead actress Kim Sejung writes long letter

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+94] It wasn't that she was bad at acting, the story itself was just boring

2. [+39] I didn't realize that even public broadcast dramas could drop as low as 1% these days..

3. [+25] I enjoyed the drama.. but it looks like not a lot of people watched it. It was enjoyable and meaningful 👏👏👏

4. [+14] I watched it, it was enjoyable 👏👏👏👏👏

5. [+6] Her acting was great... but the direction and story moved at a boring pace... 😢

6. [+1] I enjoyed it!!! It ended on a heartwarming note 👌

7. [+2] The story was boring. The actors were great with their acting and Kim Sejung proved to be a really great actress too. 

8. [+12] It was a simple and heartwarming ending. Great work to all.

9. [+8] I enjoyed it so much ㅜ.ㅜ especially the Shin Dae Ryuk character. I loved the chemistry between Sejung, Choi Daniel, and Nam Yoon Soo... Each episode warmed your heart. I liked that there wasn't anything too stimulating or triggering. Great job to everyone 💟

10. [+13] Sejung-nim, thank you for your positive energy!

11. [+1] Sejung's acting was great, please don't blame her ㅜㅜ