Tours of Korean slums have become a trendy form of YouTube content among foreigners

Article: Poverty content by foreigners is garnering an explosive reaction

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+55] Is there a country in the world without a gap between the poor and rich?

2. [+39] These YouTubers... how do they think they're bringing awareness to the issue of poverty?! They're just looking for provocative content so that they can get views and make money. Go to LA, there is so much poverty even around K-Town... There is poverty in every country in the world. It annoys me that they're trying to blow this up just for their own views...

3. [+35] They must not have anything better to do. Our country cannot even compare to the state of the impoverished towns in the US. Please go back to your countries.

4. [+23] They are foreign attention seekers... There is poverty and class division everywhere in the world, I don't get why they feel the need to highlight our country specifically. Who would be happy to have a foreigner show something like this as a form of entertainment?

5. [+22] As if poverty doesn't exist everywhere in the world? They better be keeping their masks on while walking around these areas.

6. [+18] Hmm.. well I'm sure their own countries have poor towns but they're not able to film this kind of content there because they'd be shot to death

7. [+10] Why are they doing this?

8. [+7] They were shocked by the half-basements here? They will be shocked to see the homeless pushing around carts in the US then ㅋㅋ

9. [+4] They must not have anything better to do. This is the same anywhere else in the world. Perhaps they should look into their own countries.

10. [+2] I don't have anything to say because Korean YouTubers also go to foreign countries and film in impoverished areas too

11. [+2] At least our country doesn't have gun fights. The impoverished towns in the US are filled with drugs, violence, murder, and all kinds of crime but they think our country has better content? What country exists without poverty?

12. [+2] Even around the rich neighborhoods in the US, their subways are filled with rats and smells... this exists everywhere in the world, why are they exaggerating ours? 

13. [+1] I live in the US and this is nothing compared to the class division that exists here. These people need to go back to the US and film there because you wouldn't even be able to walk around in the poor cities there in case you might die. There are homeless people just sleeping outside the streets with people and police just passing them by, not a care to check whether they're even alive or not.