Netizens impressed with editing work that went into Le Sserafim's pre-debut documentary

Video: Le Sserafim's pre-debut documentary shows eerie scenes

Source: Issue Feed via YouTube

1. [+617] Honestly, at the beginning of their scandal, I kept wondering why their company was so intent on shielding Kim Garam and keeping her in the group until the end, but now that I've watched their documentary, it has made me realize that they had already invested all this into her and it wouldn't be possible to refilm any of this content since it's supposed to be a documentary. They were also stuck with the decision of blowing all the footage as well. It was probably easier for them to just keep her in the group if they could until they realized it wasn't possible and that they should just focus their energy on editing her out.

2. [+459] The editing team suffered a lot for this

3. [+455] A documentary made off the hard labor of their editing team..

4. [+400] The editing is on some Sci-Fi level... It's not like they could scrap the whole documentary or leave Kim Garam in there as is...

5. [+336] The editing team needs a bonus... this was all moving clips that they had to edit, even dancing... the CG work must've been so detailed and precise but she was cleanly edited out of everything still~

6. [+217] Their editing team suffered so much... but this did help me become a Le Sserafim fan. I even bought their comeback CD 😅

7. [+158] The editing team needs a bonus pay

8. [+157] Give the editing team a bonus

9. [+103] I like that they're five now. More lines for each of them. I hope they don't think of adding additional members after this.

10. [+79] Adding Kazuha to the group was a decision by the gods

11. [+42] The editing team really put their whole soul into this... daebak...

12. [+9] Some of the clips that they managed to edit her out in made me realize how crazy technology has become

13. [+20] Source Music must've set their entire editing team on fire into nothing but ash with how hard they were worked for this...

14. [+15] It's crazy how skillfully she was edited out of everything, a lot of suffering went into this

15. [+54] I know they must've suffered to edit her out but I thoroughly enjoyed watching it