Is Jang Wonyoung too stiff for variety shows?

Video: Why Wonyoung is bad at variety shows VS Ahn Yoojin on 'Earth Arcade'

Source: Sojang via YouTube

1. [+452] Ahn Yoojin may lack the level of popularity that Jang Wonyoung has but she will definitely have more opportunities in acting and varieties later on... but Jang Wonyoung pursuing acting and varieties in the future? Hard to imagine..

2. [+235] Jang Wonyoung has such a greasy feel to her facial expressions and tone of speech, someone please take it all away... Ahn Yoojin is more relaxed and doesn't feel fake, it's a lot easier to watch

3. [+154] Jang Wonyoung's not the kind of face worth keeping on TV. She has variety sense but it's way too obvious to the eye that she wants to stand out and get all the attention for herself, which is bad for variety shows where you're supposed to cooperate with a panel. It's not that she doesn't want to, she just can't ㅋㅋ Ahn Yoojin, however, is an all-rounder who can handle herself on TV, stage, and varieties. That's why she's IVE's leader~

4. [+188] Jang Wonyoung's a better fit for variety shows that you go on to promote yourself (like Radio Star) and Ahn Yoojin is best for the real variety shows (like Earth Arcade). Jang Wonyoung knows how to promote herself with cutesy looks, which is basically all that those variety shows require, and Ahn Yoojin has better wit, funny comments, and the ability to tag in and out with her reactions in variety shows that require more. We won't know what the future holds but Ahn Yoojin seems to have more opportunities ahead of her outside of IVE. Jang Wonyoung is pretty limited to CFs and MCing whereas Ahn Yoojin's got great possibilities in CFs, MCing, vareties, and even acting. I can even see her getting into musicals once she improves her skills more.

5. [+126] After seeing her on 'Knowing Bros', I realized that she's way too cognizant of the cameras and forces herself to seem more excited than she is. I wish her agency would lay off with putting her in varieties. She's already getting hate for every little thing, it's only going to hurt her more to make her a fixed cast of anything like this ㅜㅜ

6. [+121] Back with IZ*ONE, she had no problem eating mouthfuls of food and being more relaxed which made her seem cuter and more baby-like... Now she seems like she's regressed. She's not the team's maknae anymore and it's time to pass on that role to Yiseo.

7. [+91] She's not some 3 year old, why is she eating a strawberry with two hands like that ㅠㅠ She's already so beautiful and lovely, please don't try so hard to act even more pretty ㅜㅜ

8. [+88] Ahn Yoojin is also more tomboyish which is why she's a better fit on 'Earth Arcade'. She's not afraid to jump into the pool and stuff like that (and ruin her make up)

9. [+40] Wonyoung's best days were in 2018, I miss those days. Sad that we don't get to see her like that

10. [+35] Ahn Yoojin has wit and a natural talent... Jang Wonyoung does too but Ahn Yoojin's more sensible about it anymore 🥲

11. [+35] She's so different from when she was in IZ*ONE. Now she's so princessy.

12. [+30] Everything aside, Jang Wonyoung just doesn't feel natural... I know she's pretty and she's managing her image but it's way too much...

13. [+26] Watching Jang Wonyoung on varieties or vlogs.. feels like I'm watching some drama mockumentary. She's so unnatural...

14. [+18] Jang Wonyoung's pretty but I don't know how to say this... she feels so fake? She doesn't feel human. I know that all celebrities have an image that they maintain for their concept but Jang Wonyoung especially seems like the kind of person who's different on camera versus off... Like she becomes a completely different person in front of the camera. I think people miss her IZ*ONE days because she was more natural and acting more her age, which is a charm in itself ㅠ