The infamous 'Kahi multibalm' makes its PPL appearance in 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo'

Article: Even Woo Young Woo couldn't avoid it... viewers taken aback by the featuring of 'that multibalm'

Source: Chosun via Naver

1. [+325, -6] Kahi's multibalm is really so bad. Especially in the summer, it's just too sticky.

2. [+217, -3] Kahi's multibalm is a bubble. It's been featured as PPL too many times that I don't trust it as a product anymore.

3. [+171, -2] I feel like the product has invested too much money into advertising it and not enough in making sure it's a quality product

4. [+141, -47] How can you expect to fund a drama without PPL... Let's just stay positive about this

5. [+83, -4] But are you supposed to rub it on your forehead and neck and then again on your lips? Ew...

6. [+47, -0] The article's right. I went "huh??" when I saw it and felt displaced from the flow of the drama. Honestly, it took me out of it completely. Kahi seems like they've invested all of their money into marketing and none of it in the quality. This actually turns me off from the product. It really makes question what the point of turning all these viewers into antis of their product is? I wish they'd give it a rest... they've sold enough of these, haven't they? Tsk...

7. [+35, -0] It makes me not want to buy it even more

8. [+18, -1] I feel bad for the people who fall for products like this... it probably costs $2 wholesale so you're basically paying for the upcharge of everything they're spending on marketing and advertising. 

9. [+18, -1] Sigh... the enemy of every Korean drama. Kahi... Why can't we kick them out?

10. [+18, -1] I think we've seen this product used more in dramas than in real life ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it has bad reviews on community boards too, I don't get why they bother with spending so much on marketing

11. [+13, -0] Dramas can't be produced without PPL? Pffft, then how do you think all the dramas back then were made? I'm sure we had sponsors back then but I feel like it wasn't as blatant as it is today.

12. [+10, -0] I am so damn sick and tired of this balm product that's used as PPL in every variety and drama on TV, tsk tsk. I refuse to ever buy a stick of it.

13. [+17, -8] Let's let this one go, let them make some money

14. [+10, -0] Multibalm feels like a marked up version of vaseline...

15. [+9, -1] Sticky sticky multibalm~~~ it's the absolute worst in the summer~~~

16. [+8, -2] Feels like the drama was just tainted. Totally ruined my mood.