Son Yeon Jae's husband revealed to be a global hedge fund CEO

Article: [Exclusive] 'August Bride' Son Yeon Jae, her husband is the CEO of a Korean branch of a global hedge fund

Source: Financial News via Naver

1. [+1,905, -46] I just hope he doesn't end up in the news for fraud

2. [+824, -17] Something feels cold~~~~~~ about this

3. [+671, -29] If you're financially well off, stay away from finance men. They're all crazy into money, women, and adult entertainment. 

4. [+621, -14] Hedge fund + CEO + promising name in the industry... feels like he has all the tags that you don't want. I'm sure she did her research before choosing to marry him but something still feels off about him...

5. [+351, -7] Something doesn't feel right but I wish her a happy life

6. [+341, -6] She used to date Choi Jonghoon in the past so I don't really trust her eye for men. The fact that he's working in finance/a hedge fund already is...

7. [+301, -8] Suspicious things about him: global, hedge fund, Korean branch, CEO...

8. [+298, -9] How can stars see what happened with Park Han Byul and still fall for these finance men?

9. [+255, -9] Looks like Son Yeon Jae will be completing the line-up of Park Han Byul, Jung Ga Eun, and Kim Na Young~

10. [+211, -4] "Global hedge fund" let me laugh for a second ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

11. [+195, -6] Celebrities and sports stars are always falling for these finance men because they think they're doing some flashy stuff but most of them are fraudsters and scammers who take your money and run. All of the scam funds that you hear about in real life are run by these guys. I hope that Son Yeon Jae did thorough research about not only him but the people around him. They'll do or say anything to get people to invest in their scam funds. Park Han Byul's husband is the same type. Got involved with her just to get in with her celebrity network for their investments.

12. [+193, -4] Finance men = majority are people preying on clueless stock investors or just names on a payroll

13. [+153, -9] Interesting to see the difference between Queen Yuna and Son Yeon Jae. Yuna built up her own success and wealth and married a younger man. Son Yeon Jae chose a finance man to continue building even more wealth.

14. [+142, -6] Son Yeon Jae has zero eye for men ㅋㅋㅋ

15. [+117, -2] Celebrities love getting married to finance men for their money. Too bad only half of them are usually successful because the other half are scammed by fraudsters who end up in divorce.