SNSD's MV director is "embarrassed and sorry" about plagiarism

Article: "Embarrassed and sorry..." statement released on Disney plagiarism in SNSD's 15th anniversary music video

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+114] SNSD's 15th anniversary has been ruined because of this director ㅠㅠ

2. [+35] Well the director has shown 15 different skills in plagiarism..

3. [+30] Why Disney Japan of all places to plagiarize

4. [+13] How could you drop the ball this hard

5. [+21] It's not like this was some frivolous powerpoint project, you have to be an anti to drop the ball this hard

6. [+36] He dared to mess with Disney??? That's quite ballsy of him 🤣

7. [+5] People are so sensitive to plagiarism controversies these days, he should've been more careful

8. [+54] SNSD must be pissed... they did so much for their 15th anniversary only to have it be met with this mess..

9. [+23] Can't believe the director would ruin their 15th anniversary like this...

10. [+3] Of all the companies to rip off, why Disney, the company most known for going hard for their copyrights... Can you imagine how much it's going to cost if Disney decides to take this to court?