SK group's heiress earns attention for continuing to buck chaebol trends

Article: 'Chaebol daughter' breaks expectations once again... convenience store part-time worker -> dispatched to the Gulf of Aden -> American ADHD treatment start-up advisor now

Source: Money Today via Naver

SK group's chaebol daughter Chey Min Jung is earning attention for her unexpected life as a conglomerate heiress. Born in '91 and also the grand-daughter of the 6th president of South Korea, she chose to go to a public high school in China while studying abroad in China instead of the typical international schools that chaebol children go through. When visiting Korea on breaks, she worked part-time at convenience stores for 4,000 won an hour, as well as working as a waitress at restaurants and wine bars. After high school graduation, she worked as an after school academy teacher to accomplish financial independence. She was also the first Korean chaebol daughter to enlist in the Marines, also serving a mission in the Gulf of Aden. After graduating from Beijing University and working for various Chinese investment firms as well as her own father's company, she is leaving to the States to join a start-up specializing in ADHD treatment research as an advisor. 


1. [+2,331, -25] Amore Pacific's daughter is in her twenties and turned the company into a mess once they transferred the company to her. This seems to be a hundred thousand times better than what's happening over there.

2. [+1,822, -15] I think it's important for the children of chaebol to experience how the rest of the world and the public lives to better understand and communicate with them. Her mother did a great job raising her, and I support her in becoming a great businesswoman of our country who does good for our country and society.

3. [+835, -6] She has the perfect background to receive love from our public. She's also humble and never arrogant about her accomplishments. She deserves all of the love she's getting from the public for being such a quiet hard worker.

4. [+452, -8] How amazing of her. I hope she continues to build her experiences while enjoying her life. Money, honor, and power are all empty things in the end. One who has it all doesn't really have anything. I wish her happiness.

5. [+160, -4] Her mother did most of the work raising her. If her father had any say, she would've probably ended up as some club going partier. Her father has been too busy having affairs, he's probably never even home...

6. [+126, -3] Her father would be basking in the praise of raising such a great daughter if he never had an affair with that one weird woman. Seems like the wife soothed her wounds of being cheated on by raising her daughter with a positive energy instead.

7. [+86, -2] Amazing mother, amazing daughter, embarrassing father with two families

8. [+79, -1] I don't think I could have made such decisions if I was born into a chaebol family like this. She's going to do great things in life~ ^^

9. [+65, -1] Her mother raised her well. Can't believe the father could cheat on such an amazing family like this  ㅠㅠ

10. [+61, -1] She obviously takes after her mother. If she had taken after her father, she would've ended up just like him... inherited a company he never deserved just to spend all the money on having affairs and second families

11. [+61, -3] She deserves all of the praise! If any of us were born as SK chaebols, I'm sure we would've rather spent our time driving around import cars and spending lavishly on expensive drinks~ Give her the praise that she deserves instead of acting jealous ㅋㅋㅋ

12. [+59, -1] She's probably one of the most outstanding chaebol children... If only her father chose better decisions in life, SK's image as a whole would be doing a lot better

13. [+51, -1] People can accuse her of doing this all for show but I think she's gone beyond that. It had to have been hard for a chaebol daughter to serve amongst commoners in the marines.

14. [+48, -2] Seeing that picture of her with her father makes me sad. He got so lost in his life with his affair, even getting an oopsie baby with her, demanding a divorce with her mother over it... ugh gross

15. [+43, -3] Her mother raised her well~ unlike her father's two family life