New past photos of Han So Hee surprise netizens

Video: Han So Hee got hair transplant

Source: 8090wan0 via TikTok

1. [+3,374] But is that really her picture? She has a ton of past photos, this feels photoshopped

- [+254] It is her, the pictures were taken by photographer Oh Joong Suk. It's only on Nate Pann that people are hating on her looks, as one can expect. Other sites are saying she looks unique and different. 

2. [+1,299] I read that celebrities, especially actresses, usually all get hair transplants

3. [+342] Looks like she just changed her hair parting?

4. [+98] Sorry but she's just so pretty, I don't even care about her hair, I'm just in awe over her looks

5. [+82] I think she just got her hair line waxed...

6. [+44] Are these real?

7. [+29] Yeah, these aren't photoshopped. These were taken by a famous photographer.

8. [+13] Who cares if she got a hair transplant? She's pretty where anything would look good on her.

9. [+5] Looks like her nose changed a lot too

10. [+3] I think both actors and idols suffer from a lack of sleep, stress, and restrictive diets which makes them lose a lot of hair

11. [+2] The importance of hair

12. [+1] Hair transplants are very common. A lot of actors get hairlines done before filming historical dramas.