New Jeans makes impressive visual debut at Chanel event

Video: 'New Jeans' reveals what they look like in real life for the first time since debut, divided opinions

Source: Issue Feed via YouTube

1. [+231] Honestly, they're so, so, so, so, so, so pretty.. Please don't hate on them just because you're jealous.

2. [+96] Crazy... they're all so gorgeous

3. [+69] Hyein is super pretty. I remember she was a fixed member of 'Play With Me Club' and her visuals back then were amazing too. I was sad to see her leave but happy she's debuted here now!!

4. [+34] I was so surprised at how pretty they looked. So natural and innocent looking.

5. [+46] Their styling all looks good on them. Especially Haerin, she's so pretty. She looks exactly like a cat.

6. [+64] Wow, they have top level visuals for a rookie group. They all look like models...

7. [+21] They're #1 on Melon for fan count.. I can't wait to see how they continue to do

8. [+12] Surprised at how amazingly pretty they are

9. [+22] Wow, Chanel already..? As expected of Hybe.. they're really investing a lot in their new group

10. [+16] I was invited to Chanel's garden show and saw them getting their pictures taken at the photo wall and their visuals were crazy... For real, no one can say anything about their visuals. The only important part left is how good their live is on stage but I guess we'll have to wait to judge until after they've performed...

11. [+10] Danielle is so pretty... daebak

12. [+18] Do people really find them pretty? I think people are not seeing the difference between flashy, stylish and actually pretty. Their faces are pretty but average. Faces like Jang Wonyoung, Ahn Yoojin, Kim Minjoo, Winter, Kim Chaewon, Kazuha, and Suzy have a clear image when you think of their names, but New Jeans look like any face you can find near a cafe or the streets. I don't think they should be stressing their visuals so much at a time when so many girl groups have top level visuals. Maybe their skills and variety talents are top notch?