Mukbangs are old news, variety shows are now obsessed with stars who are 'light eaters'

one banana for breakfast / an iced vanilla latte for a meal

Article: The allure of people who don't have an appetite... 'light eaters' are trendy

Source: Chosun via Naver

1. [+2,670, -37] I much prefer watching people who eat little to those who eat crazy amounts

2. [+738, -27] I never liked shows about eating a ton of food, makes you look so foolish

3. [+627, -10] Moderation is the best for all! Not too little, not too much... just enough!

4. [+449, -35] People who eat this little are eventually going to pass out or suffer from bone loss... The cons of eating little are about as bad as binge eating. And what about protein?

5. [+194, -6] Not having an appetite is fine... but let's not normalize having a vanilla latte or a bite of a donut as a meal. That's eating disorder territory.

6. [+147, -6] Don't believe everything stars say on TV. If they really ate this little, they'd be passing out from malnutrition and suffering from brittle hair and skin. Code Kunst, Sandara Park, Park So Hyun, and Ahn Young Mi may claim they eat little but you can tell from how healthy their skin looks that they probably eat more off camera. They just eat smaller portions at a time. As much as mukbangs are exaggerated with huge portions and this and that, this 'no appetite' trend is also exaggerated by stars acting like they're not interested in eating. If you're really going to copy these stars on these trends, please make sure you're thinking of your nutrition as well.

7. [+99, -1] I refuse to watch varieties about trot or mukbang

8. [+98, -2] I hate both ends of the spectrum. Mukbangs disgust me while people who skip meals with a latte or a couple pieces of chips for a meal are too much as well. 

9. [+58, -0] Mukbangs in general make me want to throw up. They look so dumb... Imagine making money off of shoving food in your mouth. It looks so ignorant and pathetic.

10. [+53, -2] The norm is to just eat three meals a day. Anything outside of that is just a show for TV shows to draw attention and make money.

11. [+52, -1] Binge eating is bad for your health but so is eating too little. The ability to enjoy our food is one of the simplest pleasures we get to enjoy as humans...

12. [+41, -3] If you're going to eat little, at least eat nutritious things. Your health may as well be on par with a binge eater if all you're eating are junk foods or sugar lumps.

13. [+40, -2] Park So Hyun was a ballet dancer when she was young, and I'm sure the diet habits of that lifestyle are still lingering. She was even diagnosed with ADHD recently. She should really be doing more for her nutrition than replacing meals with coffee or chips at her age.

14. [+36, -0] Eating a chip and saying you're full is not smart at all... Every body needs a base requirement of nutrition, eating like this is not normal...

15. [+26, -2] 'Light eaters'? They're basically suffering from malnutrition... I hate mukbangs but let's not try to glamorize the other side of this. It's not something to be normalized.


a donut that makes his appetite disappear