IVE's new comeback concept has some fans scratching their heads

Article: IVE's comeback concept leaves some fans thinking they could've done more

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+131] Is Y2K their concept?.. This just looks like a photoshoot from Song Hye Gyo's 'Etude House' modeling days

2. [+78] Their make up is always so... come on, Starship. Especially Wonyoung, she's been getting criticism lately for having such overbearing make up looks..

3. [+63] Starship, please change your make up team.. and your hair salon..

4. [+49] As expected of Starship, they produce some great songs but their concepts always leave much to be desired. Why spend so much money on make up when the girls would look better just going bare faced ㅠ

5. [+13] I think it comes down to a difference in opinion. Some fans want the group to maintain their cute and fresh image from IZ*ONE while the industry wants to try new concepts out on them and some fans might like that too

6. [+11] Doing their make up on their own would be better than this

7. [+9] I personally agree as well, their make up is just...

8. [+3] Why are they doing this to Yoojin

9. [+3] Difference in tastes aside, the concept just sucks

10. [+40] Just ignore what the public thinks, all of it ㅋㅋㅋ the public has no eye for this kind of stuff at all. I remember everyone whining about how Kim Chaewon's new style in Le Sserafim looked bad but look at how everyone loves it now? ㅋㅋㅋ And Starship got a lot of crap for being a bad company when news broke that they were debuting IVE but now IVE is a one top girl group ㅋㅋㅋㅋ leave this stuff to the professionals because they have the eye for it and they know what will work in the end. The public's only job is to just accept what you're given.


Video: Girl group has caught the 'New Jeans syndrome'

Source: Human Addiction via YouTube

Video talks about how IVE/Twice's new concept images look similar to New Jeans' retro concept. 

1. [+224] But New Jeans isn't just a 'high teen' concept but specifically teens from the 90s and early 00s

2. [+104] Let's be real, I'm sure IVE had already filmed their trailer way before New Jeans came out with the 'Attention' music video. You guys can't seriously think these music videos or trailers are recorded in just a day, right?

3. [+197] Not sure why New Jeans is getting all this hype... Idols always have overlapping concepts so why is New Jeans getting treated so differently, like they're so much better

4. [+83] I think IVE always wanted to go with a high teen concept like this but New Jeans came out with a stronger and better one... IVE always had that Korean-style high school look to them but trying to go the 4:6 route made them look too similar to New Jeans this time
- [+3] Yes, they had that prom party type of look
- [+6] Whereas New Jeans is less high teen and more retro

5. [+74] I don't think they're copying New Jeans, more like just wearing what was trendy in the 90s? 

6. [+63] A lot of companies are just using what's trendy these days so it can't be helped that concepts start overlapping

7. [+47] IVE always had a high teen concept though ㅠㅠㅠ
- [+16] That classy prep school look
- [+5] Right? IVE is a more modern school look while New Jeans is more retro

8. [+4] The Y2K style has been trending all over the world for over a year now...

9. [+55] It's just a concept that anyone can try. Retro is the trend lately so they probably just jumped on it. And all of these comebacks were being prepared before New Jeans even debuted so the timing of it is impossible to say who copied who.

10. [+11] I wouldn't call this the 'New Jeans syndrome' since it's not like there's some ban on the retro concept for everyone else just because New Jeans did it..

11. [+42] These concepts were prepared way before New Jeans even debuted..

12. [+48] Wasn't all these prepared months before New Jeans?