Are music shows being fair with the 'ending elf' shots?

Article: "Anyone else tired of the ending elf shots on music shows?"

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+235] I agree, I miss the days when we had group shots as the ending. It also bothers me that it's usually only a specific member that always gets the ending shots and there are some members who never even get a turn for the whole promo cycle... It's uncomfortable when my bias keeps getting ending shots and fans of the other members get mad over it. It makes it harder to enjoy my bias getting the ending anymore.

2. [+115] I miss the old group shots too so maybe we can go back to doing half of each ㅎㅎ

3. [+32] It's nice that we get to see such a huge close up of pretty members but when there are only five music shows in a week, I feel really bad for the members who still haven't gotten a turn by the end of their promos. I wish they'd just get rid of endings altogether. Especially Loona!! We all know that jun Heejin is pretty so please give the other members some spotlight too, dammit, especially when they're all similar in popularity anyway aside from Chuu!

4. [+15] Ending shots made sense back then when groups promoted one song for eight weeks on music shows and promo cycles lasted for six months at a time. Now groups promote a week or two at most because people keep wanting new things all the time.

5. [+45] I am getting tired of it too. The ending shot should be kept like how it used to be where only the most popular member or two out of dozens of groups would get a close up, but now everyone gets one so it doesn't feel all that special

6. Ending elves came back when Key made it funny but now I'm getting tired of it too because everyone's been doing too much with it 😂

7. I'm tired of it too

8. Oh man, I remember seeing Jung Chaeyeon's ending shot for the first time, I think I rewatched it at least a few hundred times