Maroon 5 removes 'rising sun' flag design on their world tour poster

Article: Maroon 5 deletes 'rising sun flag' poster from homepage ahead of Korean concert

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+308] Yeah, it's too late

2. [+203] I heard this isn't their first time doing something like this. Maybe they only took it down for their Korean concert 😢

3. [+134] It's not an innocent mistake if you make it more than once... 🤔

4. [+156] I'm done with them

5. [+88] I was going to go to the concert but I'm done

6. [+59] F*ck off

7. [+62] I'd let it go if it was the first time but they have a history of doing this. They're only taking down the poster temporarily. Why would anyone bother going to their concert? It makes me sick that their tickets are sold out at all.

8. [+50] It is no longer a mistake when you make the same mistake twice. Goodbye, Maroon.

9. [+108] If you're visiting a country to make money from their people, you should at least have the decency to show some consideration for their culture. This group should be boycotted for mocking one of the most painful parts of our history.

10. [+31] Delete it all you want~~~ we can just not go 

11. [+13] I'm sure some fools will still go 🙄

12. [+8] It's too late. This is already your third controversy over the same issue. Farewell, and don't come back to our country.

13. [+11] And they won't care because people will still attend their concerts

14. [+15] I wonder what they were thinking even using that design? I think they lost a lot of Korean fans over this..

15. [+4] An apology would be helpful too! 🔥

16. [+7] This needs to be boycotted... attending their concerts will only show them that it's okay to do this again and again

17. [+38] I heard this isn't their first time doing something like this? They only got rid of the poster because they want to make money here but who knows if they pull this crap again? I don't trust them anymore.

18. [+10] People in the comments can say they're not going but reality is that their tickets are already sold out


Source: Naver

1. [+482, -11] Do not let such disrespectful people into our country~~

2. [+310, -30] They basically tell us to pound sand when we complain about the rising sun design but when they need to make money off of us, they delete it right away... without an apology of course

3. [+255, -2] This is not the first time Maroon 5 has done something like this... They have serious issues

4. [+173, -2] They totally look down on our country. The audacity to design something like this before coming to our country!!! I can't believe Koreans are still buying tickets to attend. 

5. [+141, -1] The only way they'll realize how foolish they are is when their stadium is empty

6. [+26, -0] They are well aware that the rising sun design is problematic, and I'm pretty sure they purposely used it. I wonder how laughable they must think Koreans are on the inside when they see us singing along to their songs in the crowd.

7. [+21, -1] And there will still be trash who go to their concerts

8. [+14, -0] They already know the flag is problematic because this isn't their first time being told so. The first time we told them, they ignored us and said there was nothing problematic about it. They would've kept this design up if they didn't have South Korea on their tour list. Please, boycott Maroon 5.