V apologizes to reporters and fans for his 'no look' airport controversy

Article: BTS V apologizes for 'no look' airport walk... "Sorry for getting in my car right away"

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+570] Well, is this such a big issue? Maybe he was tired, hm..

2. [+813] He's only human, maybe he has days where he's tired or exhausted and interacting with others feels like too much. Celebrities can always do 100 things right but it's the one time they're off that people take issue with. Let's try not to hurt him with our words, guys.

3. [+238] Kim Taehyung has always greeted reporters first with a "how are you" and smiled at reporters he recognized in the crowd. The situation at the airport this day was terrible with a few foreigners cutting him in line to avoid the run and reporters not being in their places. Police had to even come to the scene to sort it out. I'm sure it was the safest for him to just get in his car as fast as possible. He waved at fans after he got in the car but it's obvious that the situation still bothered him enough for him to write on Weverse saying sorry to everyone who waited. I don't know why he's getting hate for this at all.

4. [+235] I'm pretty sure he wrote on Weverse right after getting in the car, before news of this even made it to the media?

5. [+125] ㅠㅠㅠ He's too kind, love you Taehyung-ah 💜

6. [+98] Making him apologize over nothing

7. [+201] The article is written as if V apologized only after this became controversial in the media but he apologized before any of this made it to the news. Armies will know that V has always loved giving fan service. He's been exhausted the entire time he's been overseas, to the point of posting "tired but acting like I'm not". Celebrities are people too and they have a right to be tired. I don't know why this has to be in the news.

8. [+111] This is what they call the weight of the crown, right? Because this shouldn't be an issue or anything to apologize over at all.. First of all, these reporters are crowding around the airports with illegal information about their flights. V did not invite these reporters himself. He has no obligation to greet any of them. And anyone who knows V well would know that this is such a non-issue because he's always been known for loving his fans deeply. It's really true that these stars can do 99 things right but people will still hate on them for the one thing they don't do.

9. [+409] I feel this more and more that our country requires way too high of a moral ground on our stars. I can't believe this warranted an apology at all.

10. [+96] These reporters were never invited by him. The reporters are the ones who obtained information on his flight and waited there. They should be glad any celebrity acknowledges them at all.

11. [+105] He has no need to apologize but you do have to admit that his attitude was different from Lisa and Park Bogum

12. [+9] It may not be a problem but he does seem to have lost his roots. No status in life is guaranteed. It's time he comes down.

13. [+13] What an exhausting life to live..

14. [+40] There are these days and that... a person cannot be expected to be 100% perfect at all times! I'm sure he had his reasons!

15. [+42] Well what were reporters hoping for? He walked the length of maybe five steps to his car, did they want him to get on the floor in a bow? He apologized right away on Weverse after getting in his car and lowered his window to wave to people... Feels like people are just grasping at anything to hate on now 😑