Park Jin Young sparks cult rumors again after being spotted giving bible lectures on a religious YouTube channel

Article: Why is JYP here doing this... 'Brother Park Jin Young' gives a bible lecture on YouTube

Source: The Joongang via Naver

1. [+2,324, -102] That is a cult

2. [+987, -27] His own wife is the niece of the Salvation Sect's leader... If the pastor who granted this lecture is a member of the Salvation Sect, then yes, this whole thing is a cult~~

3. [+342, -19] Park Jin Young-ssi, you should go through theology school and take the proper steps in being able to give these lectures. It is extremely dangerous of you to be teaching your faith to others through your own beliefs alone. These beliefs need to be checked through an objective eye before being taught to others like this.

4. [+279, -14] Salvation Sect

5. [+164, -7] Park Jin Young is a member of the Salvation Sect. They are considered a cult by the Catholic faith.

6. [+151, -6] I have been a genuine fan of Park Jin Young since I was young. When I felt lost in my twenties, I heard him saying that we should all be responsible for our own lives, and something about it scared me enough to make me think deeper about how I wanted to spend my life. Park Jin Young is a good speaker with a lot of influence, and I think he needs to realize the weight of his status and understand if he's teaching a broken belief to others.

7. [+138, -5] People accused him of being in a cult, which he accused, and now he's being open about it... By the way, the bible cannot be taught willy nilly by just anyone. The bible can be interpreted so differently word for word, which is how pastors go on to create cults. 

8. [+123, -1] So he is a member of the Salvation Sect

9. [+94, -3] If he's going to be like this, I'd rather that he just enroll in a theology school and go through the formal training it requires to give lectures like this. It can also be an opportunity for him to check whether the beliefs he's studied and come to believe are still what he chooses to believe. I've never listened to his lectures so I can't judge him on that but I think it's better that he receives formal education instead of living a lonely life of his belief under the accusation of being a cult member by everyone else.

10. [+91, -2] He got married to the Salvation Sect's leader's niece after all~~

11. [+88, -0] What a weirdo. He is so adamant about not being in a cult while joining Salvation Sect meetings and giving lectures about their beliefs.

12. [+71, -7] Get your diagnoses from a doctor, your prescriptions from a pharmacist, and bible studies from an actual pastor


Source: Naver

1. [+627, -44] Not anyone is allowed to just teach from the bible like this

2. [+595, -27] ㅡㅡ The facts are that his wife is the niece of the Salvation Sect's leader and that even in these lectures, there were a number of the Salvation Sect's members listening in the audience... that's enough proof for us to not need any further explanation from him. I'm personally super disappointed in him..

3. [+320, -8] All he needs to do is properly clarify which church he is a part of and all of these rumors will go away. I wonder why he can't do that?

4. [+250, -12] He said on 'Radio Star' that he's not "involved with any specific church"... what is that if not a cult?

5. [+199, -9] If he's so confident that his beliefs are true, then just reveal which church he is a part of... just invite people to see what church he's in. All of this will go away, then. No one's going to believe him if all he does is verbally say he's not a part of a cult.