Nam Joo Hyuk's agency denies all school bullying rumors, threatens legal action

Article: Victim claims to have been bullied by Nam Joo Hyuk for 6 years throughout middle and high school... what is the agency's response?

Source: Money Today via Naver

1. [+801, -67] I won't be seeing you to the door.. farewell

2. [+519, -33] It's best to stay neutral when scandals like this erupt

3. [+455, -11] Nam Joo Hyuk was transferred in his third year of middle school so the victim had to have transferred with him for the six years of bullying to add up?? Anyway, I'm staying neutral for now

4. [+314, -19] He's one of Seungri's most representative friends ㅋㅋ

5. [+121, -1] I'm all for penalizing school bullies but Nam Joo Hyuk went to middle school in Busan and transferred to Suwon when he was 16. So to claim that you were bullied by him for six years? How were you bullied? Through Bluetooth?

6. [+101, -3] I looked it up and Nam Joo Hyuk did indeed transfer middle schools to Suwon in his third year and graduated high school there so how is it possible for someone to be bullied all six years?

7. [+76, -4] I always knew there was something off about him when he said he was friends with ji Soo

8. [+65, -2] Let's just wait for the facts first... but he's out if it's true

9. [+40, -1] What's the victim saying? He went to middle school in Busan and high school in Suwon...

10. [+38, -2] He went to middle school in Busan and high school in Suwon so to claim six years of bullying... unless the entire group of you transferred together?? Seems like more investigation is needed...


Article: Nam Joo Hyuk reps respond to school bullying rumors, "Not true... we will be suing both the journalist + reporter"

Source: Chosun via Naver

1. [+575, -9] Kids who use anonymity to spread false rumors need to be shown the law

2. [+507, -23] I didn't think it was true... The victim claims to have been bullied for six years from middle school through high school but that can't make sense because Nam Joo Hyuk transferred from Busan to Suwon. Did the victim follow his transfer too? And considering that he's close friends with Ji Soo, who also had a school bullying scandal, this all should've come out with him back then too. I remember a ton of Nam Joo Hyuk's classmates sharing stories about how kind he was back then. This all just seems like a bait. I hope the agency goes hard on suing him.

3. [+178, -4] Why stay quiet when he was getting huge? Why only come out now?? If the victim's lying, don't go easy on them. We need to go harder on fake #metoo and fake victims like this.

4. [+42, -2] It sounded fake to me since he went to middle school in Busan and graduated high school in Suwon so how could he have bullied someone for six years?

5. [+26, -1] Did the victim transfer schools with Nam Joo Hyuk? ㅋㅋㅋ Or did Nam Joo Hyuk bully him and force him to do things over Bluetooth? All six years long? ㅋㅋ Kids who lie about school bullying scandals need to be punished by the law so that they don't do this again.