Lee Seung Gi addresses his fans about his relationship with Lee Da In one year after scandal

Article: Lee Seung Gi, the reason he was silent for the past year despite fan protests over dating Kyeon Miri's daughter Lee Dain

Source: The Joongang via Naver 

1. [+868, -64] He had such a good image... all at the bottom now because of one woman

2. [+529, -56] I had such a positive impression of him... Of all the women to date, why the daughter of a criminal? Why not a daughter from a poor family instead ㅠㅠ Anyone who's been scammed out of even 10 million won would suffer so much hardship and lose the will to live on ㅠ His own parents work in finance, how could you even date the daughter of a family that committed such a huge financial scam? I guess Lee Seung Gi's image wasn't all that was seen to the eye. He seems greedy.

3. [+423, -20] The luxury goods that the two daughters are living lavishly in were bought off the tears of so many civilians. Sigh, Lee Seung Gi, just why..

4. [+295, -42] People just pay way too much attention to celebrities these days. As a fan, please just enjoy these people for who they are in public domains. Don't try and make demands of their private lives...

5. [+264, -19] I still hate Kyeon Miri's daughter! Lee Seung Gi bye bye

6. [+107, -2] I thought at first that his fans were overstepping boundaries but after thinking about it myself, I'm on their side. It's unfair that they get to live lavish lives off of money made from criminal activities. Lee Seung Gi, wake up. There's a reason so many people are against this relationship.

7. [+82, -5] And what do you want us to do about it~ Your career relies on your image but you chose to date the daughter of a scamming family and with that will come consequences~ You don't deserve to be confident about your relationship when there are victims out there ㅠ

8. [+78, -2] I'm sure they are birds of a feather, which is why they're in a relationship to begin with, so I no longer care for them. That whole family has their hands in the stocks game so let them all make lots of money off of their stocks and let their future generation after generation live in luxury.

9. [+76, -4] Don't fall for his words. Birds of a feather flock together is science~~ 

10. [+67, -2] The reason Kyeon Miri's daughter is so hated is because she would always be posting on SNS pictures of her home and luxury goods when everyone knows how that money was made~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ and for Lee Seung Gi to date someone like that? No wonder his fans are so against it. From the perspective of a non-fan, it did come as a surprise that someone with such a clean image as Lee Seung Gi would date someone like her and I knew that this would be the downfall of his image as expected. I'm sure he's very much in love with her judging by how he hasn't broken up with her. It's only a matter of time before he finds out what the consequences of choosing her in the end will be~

11. [+67, -2] I understand why his fans are concerned. So many fans have already left and many more will turn their backs on him in the future... He was loved for his clean image so how many fans will remain if he continues down this road? He must bear the burden of her criminal family forever..

12. [+61, -1] I was over Lee Seung Gi as soon as the dating rumors broke out. The 'clean image' of Lee Seung Gi is of the past.