(G)I-DLE asks 'waterbomb festival' attendees to stop shooting water into performers' eyes

 Article: Jun Soyeon attacked with water guns at 'Waterbomb' "Please don't aim for my eyes... I want to see our fans"

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+477] It would be totally understandable for her to be frustrated or mad in this situation but she kindly asked them to not aim for her eyes because she wants to see her fans... You can feel how considerate she is of them with the way she worded this.

2. [+323] Every time celebrities perform at waterbomb festivals, people are always waiting for their eyes. Even Simon D asked people to stop at his last waterbomb show. I don't get what's wrong with people ㅠㅠ eyes are so fragile, whose fault will it be if they get injured? Please just enjoy these festivals for what they are and stop trying to hurt people.

3. [+266] I saw fancams and it actually looked so bad. Other artists came away with red eyes. I also saw people try to excuse their behavior saying that it's a waterbomb festival, "they should expect to get water in their eyes" like that's so rude

4. [+33] 😢😢😢 Soyeon find strength

5. [+25] It's unfair that they can't wear goggles when everyone else can ㅠ stop aiming fort the eyes. I was there too and I feel so bad that the artists were treated like this... 😢

6. [+12] Too many mischievous people....

7. [+10] They should just start wearing goggles next time 👍😭

8. [+12] Despite the upsetting situation... she worded it so kindly. She gets cooler the more I read about her.

9. [+4] People won't stop until someone gets severely injured..

10. [+94] Anyone who's defending this saying it's a waterbomb festival so water in the eyes is normal is just outing themselves as a psycho

11. [+5] Just set a new rule so that anyone in the front row can't spray water guns ㅋㅋ

12. [+54] What's even going through your mind when shooting water into someone's eye while they're performing?


Source: TBig News via YouTube

1. [+60] Wow... at first I assumed that the audience wasn't aware of where they were shooting but it totally looks like they were aiming with intent...

2. [+51] The audience basically used water as violence. We really need more etiquette for these types of concerts. Shouldn't be shooting water anywhere at them, let alone the face. Fans need to start setting and following these rules on their own. Start shouting "stop! stop!" when you see someone behaving like this.

3. [+49] I thought people were using toy water guns but this looks like a straight up water cannon

4. [+48] What's so wrong with you that you aim for someone's face like this? 

5. [+19] This is actually worse than I thought...