Monsta X under negotiation for contract renewals with Starship

Article: Only Monsta X's Shownu, Kihyun, and Hyungwon complete contract renewals with Starship

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+184] Sigh, Starship went out and put this out in the news when nothing has been settled yet... It's so obvious to the eye that Starship released this in the hopes that fans will start leaving comments on SNS begging the members to renew. Putting out news like this in the middle of negotiations will have such an impact on both Monsta X and Starship, I just really don't see why this was necessary to release at all, especially when there's a fan signing tomorrow. Monbebes, don't let Starship tell you what to do. Just keep going about life as you have been~ Going to the official fancafe to write comments, writing comments here, begging them to renew on V app... that's all letting Starship control you. Just act like you didn't see anything and go grab something yummy for dinner. Sure, you can do all this if you love Starship but since when did Monbebe... love Starship? Either way, Starship should've waited until final decisions have all been made before putting anything in the news so I'm really not liking how Starship has handled this so far~

2. [+94] Oh come on, this is just wrong, I was so ready to be a Monbebe for life...

3. [+34] To my precious Minhyuk, Jooheon, and Changkyun-ah, I will always respect whatever choice you guys make and support you no matter what! I hope that you guys don't feel pressured into renewing your contracts because the news is out like this. I just want you guys to be happy wherever you are. Love you, and love you ♥️

4. [+21] To all of you reading this, please don't let yourself be controlled by the media narrative. Contract renewals normally don't happen all at once, and what Starship is trying to do is cause anxiety among fans so that they can use that as pressure to force the remaining members into renewing. Isn't this gaslighting? The other members have not come out and say they won't be renewing so please don't fall for these tactics. They are still in negotiation. Just act like normal.

5. [+14] I'm so pissed... Starship, please get your management right... at least get a proper studio set up..

6. [+13] They have a live today and an in-person fan meet tomorrow so the fact that Starship is putting this out in the news today means that they're trying to put pressure on the remaining three members to renew ㅋㅋㅋ Starship is playing so dirty. Imagine how f*cked up the renewal conditions must be that the boys are still in negotiation when they're normally so sensitive that they cry over just seeing their fans after a long time.

7. [+4] They're still in negotiations. This is not the time for us to butt in so everyone needs to wash their feet and go to bed. 

8. [+3] The initial news made me feel anxious but now that I've thought this over, I've realized that my love for you guys is big enough to support you no matter what path you guys choose to take. I'm sure Monbebes will be happier for you guys to renew but just know that we'll support and love you even if you don't ❤️‍🔥

9. [+4] Whatever happens, I will respect their decision

10. [+2] They're still in negotation, why would you release this now, Starship;;;; so you can pressure them into renewing? Please stop being such as$holes ㅠ