Lee Hyori opens up about her fertility struggles, reveals she doesn't want to try IVF

Article: Lee Hyori confesses to dealing with infertility while trying to conceive for the past 2 years, "I do not want to try IVF"

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+352] From the experience of the couples around me who've tried IVF... there were a lot of stories of how they felt like they were chased while undergoing IVF but how it was easier to conceive naturally once that pressure was removed. A child will come to you when the time is right so try to relax!

2. [+151] A daughter that looks just like Hyori unni would be so pretty

3. [+123] Conceiving naturally is the best scenario but... he's 49 years old? And she's 44? (How old is Lee Hyori exactly? FinKL's maknae Sung Yuri got her twins through IVF long after her marriage and she's 42;;;)... isn't it a bit late to be waiting to conceive naturally now?

4. [+116] Let's please not judge others for their decisions regarding pregnancy

5. [+8] So much suffering on behalf of the woman 😢

6. [+37] People don't resort to IVF because they want to... they do it because they have to

7. [+3] There's nothing wrong with IVF.. and might be the fastest solution

8. [+49] I hope she is successful and has a pretty baby one day 👏👏❤️❤️

9. [+15] What's so different about conceiving through IVF? If you really want a baby, you'll do it.. because the older you get, even the odds with IVF are slim..

10. [+21] Even with IVF, you have to be young enough for it to be successful..

11. [+17] I'm sure she'll make the best decision for her life ㅠ so please butt out

12. [+16] Unni... I've experienced this myself and it's truly the best to go through it while you're young enough to. I had to do IVF because I couldn't conceive naturally and there's nothing wrong with that. Stop wasting time if the natural way isn't working, there's nothing wrong with looking for a faster solution..