Could Kim Sun Ho be Ravi's replacement on '1N2D'?

Article: Could Kim Sun Ho return to '1N2D'? Kim Sun Ho's name thrown in in talks of Ravi's replacement

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+95] Even his fans are against this;;; he got so much hate on his way out, there's no reason for him to go back to the show;;
- [+21] I agree. They were heartless when they threw him out, and I wish everyone and the media alike would just leave him alone for now. This is not a matter of where he's wanted or not, it's about letting him feel brave enough to come back when he wants to.
- [+11] If '1N2D' is something Kim Sun Ho wants, then I want it for him too. It's obvious the cast cares about him.. and it might be better for him to return to the film set in a familiar environment than somewhere completely new. His acting career is important but I also think it's important for him to be surrounded by the people that he likes as he builds himself towards a more positive place.
- [+9] I also agree that I'm fine with this if it's something that he wants since I trust his decisions but at this point, I just don't see why he should go back

2. [+65] I'm Kim Sun Ho's fan but I don't feel like it's appropriate for him to be going back to '1N2D'. And personally, speculative articles like this aren't good for both fans of Kim Sun Ho and '1N2D'.

3. [+45] I hate that the media gets to speculate on rumors like this but it's just Kim Sun Ho that ends up getting all the hate in the end

4. [+33] Just leave him alone. His fans don't want this, and there hasn't been word from Kim Sun Ho about returning to '1N2D' at all so what's the point of speculating about any of this?

5. [+16] Please just leave him alone and let him make his own decisions about returning to acting or varieties. He's staying quiet and doing fine on his own but it's always the media that's trying to stir stuff. It broke my heart to see him photographed at the airport with his head down low like he's some criminal. Let's please ease up on the attention on him... He's an actor but he's also a human being first.

6. [+12] If he wants this, then I'm all for it, but if the media is just speculating for fun, then I'm against it. I desperately hope for things to turn out well for him without any hate in the process.

7. [+6] I personally think an actor being a fixed cast of a variety show has more to lose than gain. And if he hasn't expressed interest in returning, why speculate on it? I'd rather see him in a new drama instead.

8. [+5] Just leave him alone. He doesn't want this yet, don't drag his name around for the fun of it.

9. [+2] I think these speculations are just rumors being passed around by fans...

10. [+1] Seeing as how there's so much news surrounding this, maybe he really is going to return..?