Jessica's reps deny involvement with Chinese variety show profiling her as 'Joseon-jok'

Article: Rumors of being profiled as 'Joseon-jok' on Chinese variety show... former SNSD member Jessica's reps release clarification

Source: The Joongang via Naver

'Joseon-jok' refers to an ethnic group in China of Koreans with Chinese citizenships. 

1. [+1,187, -11] Is it necessary for her to go on this Chinese audition show, though?

2. [+929, -14] She still has history of being a former SNSD member, it's sad that she's reduced to going on these Chinese variety shows now ㅠㅠ feels like SNSD's status has been dropped to being sold wholesale now; it's not a good feeling.

3. [+472, -8] Money's important but don't sell your soul for it

4. [+413, -9] She's annoying with everything she does

5. [+387, -29] As former group member of a worldwide group, what does she even need to go on a Chinese variety show for? Does she not have any pride? I'd rather take a hiatus than embarrass myself like this. 

6. [+199, -0] She got involved with the wrong man and now she's gone from SNSD's ice princess to some Joseon-jok ajumma...

7. [+106, -2] I'm sure she thought she could achieve bigger and better out on her own, that being in a girl group was limiting her potential, that all of her business ideas would flourish... but now she's in her thirties with a man who's not even her husband, just some boyfriend out to scam her, being paid to go on Chinese variety shows... Who knew that she'd end up in such a pathetic situation. This is why you can't get too greedy... the end result is something sad like this.

8. [+72, -1] Sigh, the downfall of Jessica. It makes me sad. She is still a former SNSD member who represented an entire generation at one point, but now she's lost her youth, wealth... and is being sold off to some nugu Chinese variety show like this~ I'm sure she'll get paid well since they like their Korean celebrities over there but who cares about being queen in a country like that. I wonder how much more rock bottom she can fall anymore? Is there anything worse than this? ㅜㅜ If only she had chosen to just live a quiet, normal life... 

9. [+70, -1] So American Jessica made all her money in Korea and is now on Chinese shows as a Joseon-jok when she's not even a Korean citizen to begin with

10. [+69, -2] So she's gone from an American gyopo to a Chinese gyopo!!?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

11. [+49, -0] If she had just kept up with SNSD and the few promotions that SM wanted out of her, I'm sure her business ventures would've done well and she'd be sitting on 8 billion won in wealth and not 8 billion won in debt like she is now. She really ruined her life over one man. Irene's ice princess title originally belonged to Jessica... How comparable to the other SNSD members who are being treated like industry seniors and mentoring others on audition shows today.

12. [+22, -0] ㅋㅋ Her image is already so negative here that I doubt she cares about what the Korean media is saying. She's just looking for a big payout from whatever Chinese media is willing to take her ㅋㅋㅋ