DJ Soda complains about being kicked off US airline for wearing pants with profanity

Article: DJ Soda kicked off US airplane because of her 'pants'

Source: Seoul News via Naver

1. [+3,481, -187] Well there's "f*ck you" written all over her pants... try to think of the other side. She deserved to be kicked off.

2. [+1,845, -48] Embarrassed that she's Korean

3. [+1,254, -42] I understand that everyone has a right to their freedom of expression... but I wouldn't want to be seated next to someone wearing clothes with swears all over it either~ Especially if any parents are on board with their children!! Let's please live within the reasons of logic~~

4. [+1,256, -54] She's the one who chose to take her pants off and beg them to let her back on, why is she acting like she was wronged? People told her to get off because her pants were offensive, they never told her to take them off... She didn't have to go that far but she did, what does she want now? I guess she doesn't feel embarrassed. She could've waited until after she got off to file a complaint or something.

5. [+718, -49] Imagine if the pants had "s*xual act" written in Korean instead. Would she still be willing to wear that in public?

6. [+343, -9] Mainstream Americans are way more conservative than you'd think. I'm sure the other passengers weren't comfortable with her wearing something with swears all over it, and I'm sure she was also acting out of line, which is why the stewardesses received enough reports for them to decide to kick her off. If you want the right to freedom of expression, then you have to do so within the standards of society and without negatively impacting others. Freedom comes with responsibility and I don't think she understands that. Freedom doesn't mean getting to act however you want, and please remember that when you visit overseas. Consider that you are also upholding our country's image over there as well. 

7. [+180, -4] How did someone so ignorant manage to make so much money..

8. [+138, -2] There's clearly something wrong with her for her to think this was appropriate to even post about on SNS. 

9. [+117, -2] Her pants crossed the line. Even just saying the swear "f*ck" out loud in public gets you stares and words of caution in the US. It's ridiculous to me that she thought this was appropriate to wear around the streets there. If she wore it as a stage fit for a concert then I could consider it fashion but having respect also means dressing appropriately for the occasion. The right to freedom of expression is important but so is not offending others. You should respect others if you want to be treated with respect yourself.

10. [+113, -7] Imagine wearing that to ride business class. I can imagine the airline thinking it will cheapen their image. If you want business class treatment, then dress for the treatment that you want. Why would an airline bother with a customer who cheapens their image like this? And of course she's going to be rejected on flight if enough passengers complain.