Rapper and 'SMTM'/'High School Rapper' contestant saved from suicide attempt

Article: 'High School Rapper' contestant and rapper attempts to take life at Gangnam officetel

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+164] If he wanted to die, why not go out alone, what did B do to deserve this? ㅋㅋㅋ (TN: roommate B was sleeping in another room when they came out because of the smoke from the burning briquettes and put them out)

2. [+130] So he wasn't even alone in the officetel. He didn't attempt suicide, he almost committed murder..

3. [+41] Is he okay? What was so difficult that they felt like they had to make such a choice... I can't imagine how heartbroken his family must feel...

4. [+20] Ah.. whatever the case, I'm glad he's alive 😢

5. [+15] Is it Bully or D. Ark, either way, find strength

6. [+82] Wait... he wasn't even alone.. what did the person sleeping in the other room do to deserve this..?;

7. [+3] I wonder who it could be

8. [+19] Who else could it be but D. Ark...

9. [+34] Suicide attempt aside, what about the person sleeping in the other room...? That was so thoughtless, and it was basically attempted murder. Thank goodness the other person woke up and put it all out.

10. [+2] D. Ark??

11. [+2] He's still so young, he's at an age where making the proper judgment isn't always so clear. Don't be too hard on him.

12. [+9] Wait..? He did that with a roommate still home..?


Source: Naver

1. [+524, -1] This is not a case of attempted suicide, they should be arrested for attempted murder... He knew he wasn't the only one in that officetel, how could you attempt something so terrifying when someone else is there too? He deserves to be punished by the law.

2. [+138, -2] Was he trying to kill his friend too or what?

3. [+62, -1] This sounds more like attempted murder, and he's just lying about it being a suicide attempt because they woke up

4. [+49, -2] That poor officetel owner

5. [+32, -1] This is attempted murder, is it not? His friend almost died from the briquette smoke.

6. [+29, -0] If that friend never woke up, he could've died. If you want to commit suicide, go do it by yourself somewhere else.

7. [+31, -5] Child~ you must be going through something difficult, right? Try and keep living life. I lost my own son a year ago... and life was too hard for me to bear, so much so that I wanted to follow him too. If you die, your mother will die too~ and if you can accept that, then do as you wish.

8. [+20, -0] That is not attempted suicide but attempted murder