Lee Young Ae donates 100 million won to Ukraine

Article: Lee Young Ae donates 100 million won to Ukraine "Please don't lose hope and bravery"

Source: Herald Economy via Naver

1. [+4,405, -11] 100 million won is not a small sum of money. Regardless of the amount, I think she's a beautiful person with a beautiful heart. There are people who have much more but still don't even think to donate in such a way.

2. [+929, -9] Yes, this is how money is meant to be spent

3. [+679, -6] No matter how rich some wealthy are, there are some who refuse to even give up a dime of it. I understand that it was probably a difficult decision to put up 100 million won for the weaker side in a war. Lee Young Ae herself is famous worldwide for her 'Dae Jang Geum' drama, and probably has a lot of fans in Russia as well. Despite that, she chose to donate the way that she did, and it's amazing in itself. I feel like she chose to do so because she's a mother herself and wants to help before more young children suffer losses through war.

4. [+608, -6] A top class celebrity

5. [+574, -3] Such heartwarming news... our country is better for having someone like you. Thank you.

6. [+123, -7] A beautiful heart to mathc her pretty face. I hope that CF star Jun Ji Hyun who's on TV every time I turn it on learns a little from this.

7. [+116, -0] Politicians, take note. This is how you spend money.

8. [+99, -6] She is better than our government

9. [+83, -0] She never brags or acts better than anyone else, never shows off her wealth~~~ so different from certain other celebrities

10. [+83, -1] So many celebrities are preoccupied with showing off their clothes and homes on Instagram, very few put meaning into action like this. She's really different from other celebrities.