Professional volleyball player Kim In Hyuk discovered dead after battling hate comments about his looks

Article: Professional volleyball player Kim In Hyuk discovered dead after expressing "tired of hate comments"

Source: Chosun via Naver

1. [+1,638, -17] May he rest in peace. We need to be harsher with sentencing hate comments under anonymous names. We can't have another unfortunate death like this again.

2. [+960, -30] It hasn't even been that long since Goo Hara and Sulli and you've all gone and killed another person again. It's so funny how our country's netizens are so quick to judge others. I understand hating on someone for committing actual crimes like drugs or gambling but you guys go after people who are just trying to live their lives and roast them for it. Just for wearing make up, hate comments, buying a house, hate comments, going on vacation, hate comments... Do you expect everyone to live the exact same lives as you??? Should people be asking for permission from netizens for every single thing they do????? Can we please just stop this now...

3. [+487, -12] Hate commenters are pathetic cowards who hide behind anonymity

4. [+417, -327] This is my first time seeing him but it does look like he's wearing make up

5. [+95, -10] Are people really bringing up his make up at a time like this...? Do you have no empathy? He's a volleyball player, all it mattered was that he was good at the game, what does anything else matter? I can't believe someone died because of hate comments over their looks and people are still leaving comments about their looks right here. It gives me goosebumps.

6. [+149, -87] I don't know who this person is and don't care whether they wore make up or not since it's common for men these days to wear make up but it's obvious to anyone that he was wearing make up so why would he lie and say he wasn't and invite such pain into his life? Why not just say he was wearing make up? In our current generation, no one would've cared.

7. [+66, -9] To all of the comments accusing him of wearing make up but claiming not to... just stop. A life was lost because of that exact issue. Don't think so lightly of what you say just because it doesn't affect you. Just pray that he rests in peace or move on. Don't hurt the dead again by leaving unnecessary comments.

8. [+59, -3] Who cares if someone wears make up or not. Or if they're gay or not? Just keep scrolling if you don't like them. In the time you're sending them DMs with hate comments... why not look in your own mirror and criticize yourself?

9. [+102, -48] What I'm curious about is... if SNS is giving you so much pain that it makes you want to die, why do you continue to do SNS...? I'm not on SNS myself so I don't know... Wouldn't getting off SNS mean you don't get hate comments or haters anymore...? How unfortunate, may he rest in peace.

10. [+44, -4] If only he stayed off of SNS... He would've realized once he got a few years older how pointless this all is. As a fellow volleyball player, this is so unfortunate... May he rest in peace.


Source: Naver

1. [+1,341, -11] His cause of death is all the people who tortured him with hate comments accusing him of wearing eye make up or being gay without caring to get any of the facts straight. May he rest in peace.

2. [+526, -4] I had a feeling something like this would eventually happen. I've read several articles about this player already and even on the articles about him talking about how painful all of the hate he's getting is, people were still leaving hate comments. I feel like the phenomenon of netizens latching on to someone for one little thing and refusing to let go until they see it through has gotten a lot worse as of late. You guys are so lenient with your own lives so why are you so strict with the lives of others... May he rest in peace.

3. [+339, -5] May he rest in peace... Hate commenters have killed such a handsome, bright young man... and I hope you all get what's coming to you with karma.

4. [+291, -7] Everyone who sent him a DM or left a hate comment on his feed should be tracked back and sent to jail. We need to make sure that something like this doesn't happen again. Trace them, jail them, demand 10,000 hours of community service, reveal their identities, make it impossible for them to get civil service jobs, and block them from ever joining any social media service in the future again. 

5. [+199, -11] We really need to make hate commenters use their real names ㅡㅡ