Verivery's Minchan posts an apology for publicly judging a senior girl group's looks

Article: Verivery's Minchan posts an apology

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

Minchan: "When I was in my third year of middle school, a celebrity transferred to my school. They were a part of a group that really showed up when you searched their name on Naver."

Hoyoung: "So that person is our senior, our senior."

Minchan: "That's when my fantasy of celebrities was shattered. At the time, celebrities to me were supposed to be pretty, handsome, and special
. But that person looked really homely. Well, it's not like you can wear make up to school. That person did not have anything special about their looks. It made me realize that celebrities are people too."

Hoyoung: "That person is our senior."

Minchan: "You can search the group's name and get results. Their team was four characters starting with a B/V."

(Hoyoung and Kangmin stared at the chat realizing the gravity of the situation and called Minchan out for judging someone's looks, to which Minchan replied, "It's just my personal opinion.")

(Hoyoung and Kangmin attempted to salvage the situation by saying, "Maybe you remembered wrong. That person might actually be really pretty now.")


1. [+634] I mean... whether someone's a senior or your junior, you shouldn't be judging someone's looks in the first place... 🤦‍♀️

2. [+346] If the group's name starts with a B/V, doesn't that put Verivery on the list too? Who are you even?

3. [+324] Kangmin-ah, just run away

4. [+412] I felt horrified watching the video... all I remember is the guy in the middle who kept trying to salvage the situation and the look in his eyes...

5. [+410] If the team's name starts with a B/V and has four characters, isn't that Verivery? ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+93] What the.. I'm not even a fan and this made me feel shocked. I can't imagine how shocked their actual fans must feel.

7. [+79] I feel like the apology was only written because he was forced to. He kept talking even when the other members tried to hold him back.

8. [+39] I just thought of Verivery when he was describing the team's name ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. [+6] Him calling the person he was talking about to apologize is just killing them twice at this point, no...?

10. [+74] If you watch the video, the person on the way left keeps talking crap and you can slowly see the soul leave the eyes of the person in the middle. You can totally feel the moment that he realizes they're f*cked. The guy on the right keeps working hard to salvage the situation but the guy on the left is like nope, I'm going to keep talking;;; seriously, what's wrong with him??


Source: TBig News via YouTube

1. [+210] Yeah, well, you're not very special looking for a celebrity either...

2. [+172] Sigh ㅜ I can't imagine how hard the hearts sank of the members next to him when he said that;; please watch what you say

3. [+78] Verivery is not even that famous as a group, they should be prioritizing being humble. How dare he say something so rude? The balls of judging the looks of a senior female celebrity...

4. [+66] It's funny that the one saying all of this is the one who looks least like a celebrity out of the three of them

5. [+58] So how is he apologizing to the girl group member? He's going to call her and be like, "Sorry I judged your looks on a V app session"?? Not only is that rude, it's just plain brainless... and why do the other members have to suffer this consequence because of him?

6. [+36] If he judges someone's looks this hard on camera, can you imagine how judgmental he must be off camera?

7. [+48] This actually made me like the member named Hoyoung member... It's clear from his actions that this wasn't the first time the other member's been like this

8. [+25] It's fine for him to think these things in private but you can't say it in public... and he gave way too many clues as to who that girl group could be. 

9. [+89] It's clear that he's thoughtless for him to say something so private in front of all of their fans ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+36] Your face doesn't look much like a celebrity's either...