Netizens horrified at death of horse on film set of 'The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won'

[tw: images of horse below]

Article: Animal welfare association "Horse tied to wires and abused on set of 'The King of Tears'... horrifying"

Source: E-Daily via Naver

1. [+2,605, -65] I will not be watching this drama. My heart cannot accept the suffering of an animal for my enjoyment of a TV show.

2. [+1,179, -12] The horse must've been severely injured... this is clearly animal abuse

3. [+1,002, -9] This could've been achieved through CG, are they mentally ill to put both human and animal through this?

4. [+702, -7] I thought it was done through CG but they really forced a horse to fall... what did the horse do to deserve this? Where are your morals?

5. [+214, -1] The making video is even more shocking... For this one scene, they tied the horse down and forced it to fall over.. I felt so bad. This is just so bad...


Article: Horse on set of 'Taejong of Joseon' died a week later

Source: Han via Naver

1. [+1,458, -4] The horse ended up dying?? I'm so angry, why are people so evil?

2. [+1,097, -6] My rage is bubbling. Why was this scene even important for a horse to be killed over? How is it any different from killing a human being for the 'realism' of a scene? Is this considered okay just because it was an animal? I can't believe something so barbaric is still happening in 2022...

3. [+469, -4] You must be out of your minds!!! You did this to a healthy horse just for a drama scene???? This drama needs to flop

4. [+292, -4] At this point, the horse's death seems intentional

5. [+196, -1] Could they not have used their brains to think of other ways to film this scene;; sigh


Source: Naver

1. [+2,974, -66] Just take the drama off air

2. [+2,557, -11] Why are the producers claiming the horse got up right after the accident? In the video I watched, you could see the horse in shock and his back legs kicking in pain. He couldn't even get back up. And yet the producers are claiming he got up just fine and started walking? Was a vet even on set to check that there were no injuries? If the horse died a week after, that means he was suffering for the entire time after the accident. I'm actually horrified that the producers posted this as an apology, that they're just treating this like some unfortunate event without hashing out the truth of what happened.

3. [+1,531, -11] "Unfortunate" are you kidding me right now? You killed a horse through abuse and you think an apology like this will make it all go away? Take responsibility for everything and take the drama down. Wow, are you even human? All you care about is how the scene looks on screen? Why not kill human beings while you're at it too, then? And I can't believe they had the audacity to only check on the horse a week later to find out that it died...

4. [+1,173, -6] The director is a psychopath! The horse suffered a horrifying injury that it had to live with for a week before it passed. What in the world!!!

5. [+954, -13] This drama's no drama, it's a snuff film. No sense of morals at all. To see the director think so little of a life for the sake of some drama scene makes me think the only solution is to take the drama completely off air.


Source: Naver

1. [+1,748, -19] What in the world... you really killed a life just to film one scene... the drama is not even that important, this is so evil

2. [+1,699, -8] In the video, you can see that they have the horse wired up, and when they pull the wire, the horse is launched in the air into a spin, and then it falls onto the floor head first where the impact causes it to snap its neck. You can tell in a slowed down version that it definitely snaps. Then it stays on the floor, kicking its back legs, before you see it go still. The producers are lying when they say the horse got back up on its own after. The stunt double is also seen crouched on the floor in pain after the fall... This is not something that an apology will fix. We need to climb back up the ranks to figure out whose idea this entire scene was and punish them accordingly.

3. [+514, -2] I feel so bad... that a life was sacrificed for a three second scene. You can see the staff purposely tripping the horse with its neck snapped, the horse kicking its back legs in pain, and no one cared after? Not until a week later that they heard the horse had died...?

4. [+473, -1] So barbaric... I can't imagine the pain the horse must've been in...

5. [+324, -3] What are they doing? Why couldn't this have been done through CG?

6. [+163, -0] If cost was a problem with not using CG technology, then why not just cut the scene? Or use a different camera angle to show that the person was thrown off the horse? Why go through with something so dangerous? Since when did viewers demand Blockbuster-level scenes from a drama like this? This is all caused by the baseless and ignorant greed of the director.

7. [+114, -0] Take down the drama if you're not going to exercise any inch of morals in filming it

8. [+112, -0] This makes no sense... It's the equivalent to having a person go running and then pulling their leg back mid-run. A person would definitely fall face first and shatter all the bones in their face or more. What was so important about this scene anyway? Was this really the only way to film it? For the "detail"? I'm so upset that the horse died ㅠㅠ

9. [+72, -0] This is so crazy ㅠㅠ who even produces a drama with this much animal abuse?? Please take the drama down!!

10. [+71, -1] This has gone too far..