Koreans petition to standardize counting age by getting rid of confusing traditions

Article: What's so wrong with counting age the standard way

Source: SBS via Naver

1. [+1,737, -16] Let's just start counting age the normal way. We're the only country in the world whose babies are born immediately one years old. We also use our normal ages for legal uses so why switch back and forth anyway? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+636, -15] Just count age the normal way!! We only started counting newborns as a year old because of Confucianism and life being precious in the womb but it makes no sense that a baby born on December 31st is considered two years old after one day. In what world does that make sense?

3. [+459, -8] Count it the normal way. I feel good when I see my age when I get my medical prescriptions because I'm younger ㅎ

4. [+294, -4] Korea's the only country that counts age so complicatedly...

5. [+70, -3] Where in the world is there another country that counts age like we do? It's not even a good way so why haven't we fixed it yet? I bet over 90% of the nation would agree that we should just stick to the normal way of counting age. Please change it. 

6. [+57, -2] We live in a weird country where a 12 month old is considered a one year old but a two day old is considered two years old

7. [+54, -2] I went to go see my seven day old nephew and they were already counting his age as two years old~ there's really a problem with our age system

8. [+38, -1] It's funny to me that Koreans hate seeming older than they are and yet when it comes to deciding rank, they'll do anything to make themselves a year older ㅋㅋㅋ the hypocrisy ㅎㅎ

9. [+30, -0] Counting age the normal way is important but we should also get rid of the culture of placing so much importance on who's older or younger than you!!

10. [+30, -3] The Korean way of counting age is absolutely useless and must be left behind


Article: 71% of survey agrees to get rid of Korean way of counting age

Source: Korea Ilbo via Naver

1. [+908, -20] Immediately a year old when you're born, two years old the next day if you're born on New Year's Eve... what a bizarre way of counting age. It doesn't even make sense so I hope we standardize the normal way once and for all. We all want to be younger, don't we? Why tack on two extra years to our ages for no reason..

2. [+382, -25] It's a bad practice passed on to us from China and Japan and while those countries have left it behind, we've stubbornly kept it in the name of tradition. 

3. [+128, -14] We are the only country in the world that counts age like this, so get rid of it!

4. [+51, -0] Counting age the normal way is the right way

5. [+41, -2] Just count it the way the rest of the world does...


Article: 'K-Age' is confusing, one name but three different ages?

Source: Han via Naver

1. [+1,340, -16] Just standardize the age on your legal papers

2. [+1,117, -47] The Korean way of counting age makes no sense in any corner of the world. There's no scientific reasoning behind it and it's unbelievable that we're still using it in the 21st century. Counting age for the total years you've been alive is what the entire world uses and is the most scientifically sound way to count. China and Japan have left it behind a long time ago and it's time that we do the same.

3. [+492, -12] I want to be two years younger... come on, just standardize it. It's not like it costs money.

4. [+454, -12] We get news like this every New Year and yet nothing ever changes!!! Let's please make sure it change it once and for all this time!!! Let's start counting age the normal way!!! Even North Koreans count age the standard way!!! 

5. [+100, -2] Even just reading the news is confusing because different media will report the same person as being 34 years old or 35 or even 33... Korea is the only country that counts age so inaccurately.