DIA's Somyi shocks fans by switching career paths into an adult camming

Video: DIA Somyi's shocking change into an adult camgirl after leaving group

Source: TBig News via YouTube

1. [+58] Probably one of those kids who isn't spectacularly good at anything but loves attention so she debuted as a singer but ended up with nothing to do and no where to go... but still came out with no skills for a real job in the real world so this is where she ended up. Even so, I have no intention of judging her choices. It does make me appreciate the other "fail-dols" who go into other lines of work like working part-time at a cafe or working on getting certifications more though. 

2. [+10] I'm actually glad that she's doing well. I remember before she quit the group, she got a ton of hate from the personal fans of other members in her group, mostly about how ugly she is... I remember watching the lives and feeling worried that she actually might commit s*uicide (there were a lot of deaths in the industry at the time). Considering that Lee Kwang Soo's agency kids never have an amicable end, this is alright...

3. [+33] For making money, this might be the best that she could do, and probably the fastest decision she could've made. You might feel bad for her but maybe this line of work is what she enjoys? She's pretty enough to be an idol but spent all her youth on training... and got used to the spending habits of being a celebrity without really having an education to get hired anywhere else. Not really enough popularity to get by on making content on YouTube or Afreeca... Wants to stay in Seoul, but all she has is her body so this is it.

4. [+28] Realistically, if you're unable to make it as an idol, there's nothing much left to do other than being a BJ. It's not like working part-time jobs will make you enough to live off of, and they're not qualified to get hired at other jobs.

5. [+34] Even finding success as a BJ is good enough. There are tons of people who don't even make it as BJs and end up doing night work.

6. [+8] Maybe she'd be better off trying to make it on YouTube

7. [+2] As long as she's happy~ DIA makes me so sad as a group that Kwang Soo ruined ㅠ

8. [+1] Why not Afreeca or Twitch....

9. [+1] Aigoogoo