BTS webtoon boycotted by Korean fans

Article: BTS webtoon explodes in views but low star ratings... Korean fans declare "boycott" why?

Source: Money Today via Naver

1. [+217, -6] The company has been getting greedy ever since they switched over to Hybe... BTS is no longer at a scale where anything can drop them to rock bottom but I hope their company knows that they are slowly chipping away at it

2. [+86, -7] Hybe just had to acquire that gaming guy to ruin BTS' legacy like this~ Let's be real, Bang Shi Hyuk has no eye for any of this, he just happened to luck out with a group like BTS. He has no hope for ever landing another hit like this so he's just trying to milk BTS for all he can with a straw straight in their backs.

3. [+71, -2] I think the key to happiness for both BTS and their fans is to downsize the company and just focus on the music and concerts. Bang Shi Hyuk needs to go back to his roots and start thinking about his health.

4. [+44, -1] Hybe never thinks about maintaining a good thing like BTS, all they care about is squeezing the fans out of all of their money

5. [+35, -1] We're not hating on BTS, we're hating on their company. No one wants to be attached to such a low quality webtoon like this.. ㅜ

6. [+19, -1] The members need to start speaking up and saying no to things instead of believing everything Hybe tells them like "this will be good for you", "this is for the fans". BTS, you are now at a position where you can speak your opinions.

7. [+16, -1] I wish they'd come back on Korean TV. I liked the days of the past when they prioritized their music promotions so they were more selective with their CFs, it really preserved their artistic image... Now they're in all sorts of CFs, even producing home shopping type videos to promote their products... It makes me question if BTS is in agreement with Hybe's ways.

8. [+15, -0] I'm an ajumma who likes BTS but I don't like how their company is just using them for money like this

9. [+14, -1] Put everything aside, just give me another album. New songs, new choreography. I want to see BTS just being BTS. No more pacifying us... the way to our hearts is to just give us another sexy, powerful stage.

10. [+11, -1] Please stop wasting BTS' time with this stuff and have them focus on producing albums and concerts. How can you be so greedy?