Jung Ilhoon given suspended sentence at appeals trial

Article: Former BtoB member Jung Ilhoon ordered suspended sentence at appeals trial for habitual marijuana use

Source: Insight + Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+191] All these damn probation sentences. Would he still have been given probation if he was a normal person and not a celebrity?

2. [+170] Can we please stop mentioning that he's a former BtoB member? Can we start saying former occupant of his mother's womb instead?

3. [+130] Please don't ever say you were a part of BtoB anywhere because it seriously makes me cry. You turned everyone who believed in you into fools.

4. [+80] He really weaseled himself out of this one... I hope he lives a proper life out of respect for the fans who wrote all those petitions for him..

5. [+38] He used to be my bias but I won't shield him from a mistake that he committed. I hope he lives a happy life after paying the price of his crime. I will be forgetting you now.

6. [+36] I doubt he's woken up to reality yet, they should've just gone with a jail sentence.. Don't ever call yourself a BtoB member! Live a quiet life like you were never there, and don't touch drugs ever again. You didn't have to do what you did and you still chose to do it, hurting everyone else in the process. 

7. [+49] What a crazy guy. With all that money he spent on drugs, he could've bought 7,222 pieces of fried chicken, why waste it all? And don't ever say you used to be a BtoB member either. 

8. [+62] Honestly, even Big Bang's GD was confirmed to have used marijuana but he avoided jail for being a first time offense or whatever... and Big Bang's TOP got caught for drugs and was sentenced to probation. Even Big Bang's Seungri has been caught up in Burning Sun crimes involving prostitution, drug distribution, assault, etc for several years, and is still in trial... Yang Hyun Suk's been caught gambling overseas over 20 times now and the police still defend him saying it's not habitual...

9. [+18] He's going to end up right back here anyway...