Fans feel IVE's Yoojin's latest outfit is a bit inappropriate

Article: Negative reaction to IVE's Ahn Yoojin outfit today

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+322] They dressed her too blatantly like "this is a bra"

2. [+206] This is an outfit? It looks too much like a bra

3. [+143] As expected from those dogs at Starship

4. [+97] Why did they dress her in a bra...

5. [+8] What do you expect from Starship?

6. [+9] Whatever, Ahn Yoojin's jjang pretty~

7. [+8] It's so off-putting to look at..

8. [+7] The coordi's a bit...

9. [+1] Starship's stylist team has always been grat, what happened?

10. Yeah, I had a feeling the reactions wouldn't be good for this one

11. It doesn't "look like a bra", it's really just a "bra"

12. Aren't outfits like this pretty common, though?