The secret to Song Hye Gyo's porcelain skin is washing her face with milk?

Article: The secret to Song Hye Gyo's porcelain skin in her forties? The health effects of 'milk'

Source: Han via Naver

1. [+4,145, -30] Good skin = money

2. [+4,161, -442] No matter how pretty she is, I don't think aging can be escaped. Jang Gi Yong looked sooooo~ much younger than her and the difference was quite stark. Aging is natural so you can't help it but isn't she bored of playing the same characters just with different male leads all the time? I'm kind of tired of her still in her forties shooting melodramas with male leads in their twenties.

3. [+2,326, -35] Is it really just milk? Especially when she's getting expensive skincare treatments at dermatologists?

4. [+1,489, -326] She should spend more time on her character than her skin..

5. [+1,066, -35] In case anyone takes this kind of advice to heart... sure, Song Hye Gyo may really wash her face with milk, but she also gets thousands of dollars worth of skin treatments too!

6. [+666, -38] It's noticeable how much Song Hye Gyo is aging now. No matter how much of the sparkly blur effect they put on the screen, you can see her jowl lines and all that now. She's still playing the same old characters in every drama... the pretty woman with slightly off pronunciation. Every drama of hers feels the same. She doesn't seem to be putting in any effort anymore when there are younger, prettier kids in the industry. She needs to drop the pretty characters and give her acting a transformation.

7. [+495, -6] Her characters all have the same speech patterns in every drama ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

8. [+406, -25] She needs to stop with the same old characters that are dressed head to toe in luxury goods and blur effects on screen and learn something from Hollywood actors like Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron. Look at how their acting changes as they get older. Too bad she's too dumb to pull off that kind of depth so she sticks to her greed for money and younger men. So sick of it. She's the type of actress who will never put out a piece of work that's considered artistic or worthy, not that any director would cast her in such a piece in the first place...

9. [+370, -24] Her acting's so bad. I cringe whenever she puts on that blank face expression.

10. [+340, -9] Everyone knows that she has a pretty face but no matter how many different characters she plays, she always puts on the same voice tone, same acting.. (I was shocked at how similar her acting is to 'Descendants of the Sun')... and they use too much of the reflective lighting on her that it washes out all of the other actors around her.

11. [+334, -28] Aigoo, she looks quite aged in her new drama~~~

12. [+254, -9] Every single drama, it's the same tone with no facial expression. I have no iea why she's considered top class in our industry. Shouldn't an actress not be afraid to let her looks go? To try other types of characters? To maybe make an ugly facial expression once in a while? Until when is she going to stick to characters with finely brushed hair and pressed clothes while saying lines like she's reading off a script? I tried to watch her rerun today and couldn't stand it and had to switch the channel. There are a lot of talented actresses in our country, enough's enough with her.

13. [+185, -7] Her acting's always the same ㅜㅜ

14. [+176, -6] Her skin is the result of money + make up + lighting + graphic effects