T-ara achieves their comeback with their own money, no agency

Article: The reason T-ara got back together after 4 years with their own money and no agency

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+188] It's good to see them back together like this..

2. [+180] The comments accusing them of being back for the money are hilarious. They've already made enough to live on for the rest of their lives... what's so wrong about just celebrating a singer coming back for their fans. People just want to be cruel for no reason.

3. [+23] I'm not a fan but I wish them the best, I support them

4. [+26] Love you... T-ara 🔥❤️

5. [+9] Touched that they got together for one reason.. they really are genuine when it comes to each other 👏👏👏🔥❤️

6. [+8] Their main vocal is gone though?

7. [+30] 😍👏👏

8. [+18] It's unfortunate what happened to them... all because of letting in one wrong member

9. [+1] They had great songs, dances... members were beautiful.. it's unfortunate that all those scandals and rumors happened. 

10. [+4] I've been saying this for a while now but... this was never a black and white case. People love to talk now as if Hwayoung is fully to blame for everything that happened but don't forget that the members were the ones to take it to Twitter first by outing the new member as some evil witch, talking about determination and all that. That's how the scandal began in the first place.. Sure, there may be one member in the wrong, but the other members weren't right for publicly outing her either. I guess the biggest evil in all of this is their CEO for not handling this more properly.