STAYC's Yoon earns attention for her Barbie-like aesthetic

 Article: StayC Shim Jayoon's proportions + face, 04er 171-172 cm tall

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+213] She's a real human being, right? Almost fell in love with her at first sight...

2. [+148] She gives off a completely different vibe with colored lenses on... she normally looks so playful but now she looks like a Barbie doll

3. [+111] Crazy how beautiful she is

4. [+43] Okay, she's really getting me to join the fandom

5. [+9] How is she such a Barbie doll...

6. [+3] Hul, it's like her top half only exists out of respect for her bottom half;

7. [+1] Her proportions are crazy...

8. [+1] She looks exactly like those Barbie dolls from the 80s

9. How is it possible...?

10. Wow, is she human?