North Koreans executed and sentenced to life imprisonment for watching 'Squid Game'

Article: North Korean shot to death for smuggling in 'Squid Game'... student who watched in secret sentenced to life in prison

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+2,038] Probably sucks more to be living in North Korea than to play in the 'Squid Game'

2. [+989] Just feeling blessed that I was born in South Korea

3. [+651] That dog Kim Jong Un probably watched 'Squid Game' the first out of all of them, what a hypocrite

4. [+399] When are we ever going to reunify at this rate ㅠㅠ

5. [+373] They're basically playing the 'Squid Game' to get to watch the 'Squid Game'

6. [+318] Probably scarier to be living in North Korea than play in the game

7. [+31] A real life 'Squid Game' 

8. [+5] Goosebumps

9. [+4] Didn't one of them get five years for watching 'Crash Landing on You'... I'd probably get life imprisonment