Bang Shi Hyuk, Park Jin Young, and Yang Hyun Suk are leading investors in NFTS and metaverse

Article: Bang Shi Hyuk, Park Jin Young, and Yang Hyun Suk are leading investments in 'metaverse, NFTs'

Source: Everyday Economy via Naver

1. [+537, -26] YG's just a group of criminals, aren't they? From drugs to pr*stitution to drinking and driving...

2. [+248, -26] Sorry but that thug Yang Hyun Suk has no business having his name up there with the leagues of Bang Shi Hyuk and Park Jin Young who are graduates of Seoul and Yonsei University. He is not in their league at all.

3. [+174, -29] Take YG out of the Big 3

4. [+136, -9] Leave Yang Hyun Suk out... isn't he just a thug

5. [+60, -9] That thug Yang is still doing stuff? That criminal

6. [+20, -1] YG investing in metaverse? You mean they're investing in future criminals. Why are they on this list at all.

7. [+19, -0] Is Yang Hyun Suk not in jail yet?

8. [+23, -7] Don't slip in Yang Hyun Suk's name in like he belongs there

9. [+14, -1] The fact that a thug like Yang Hyun Suk's name is still being mentioned in the media shows how far the celebrity industry is from with getting clean. Sure, he's got strong connections, but it's amazing that they've enabled this thug to still be out there after making money in such dirty ways. 

10. [+2, -0] Something is seriously wrong that a company with so many criminals is still so successful... it scares me what that means for our country's future