YG's next girl group Baby Monster claims to have 10 members like Jennie

Article: YG's next girl group is said to have 10 members that are like Jennie

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+327] Nevermind everything else, what kind of name is Baby Monster... it sounds weird even when you shorten it to BaMon..

2. [+260] Someone needs to fix that name Baby Monster.. wasn't Black Pink's name originally supposed to be Pink Punk too?..

3. [+156] What is this, Mad Monster?

4. [+114] Jennie is Jennie... there can't be 10 of her

5. [+219] As if that could ever happen. How are you ever going to get 10 Jennies?

6. [+29] Who even is this person that they know the details on YG's next girl group?

- They're a YG staff, I think they're nutritionist? She's been working there for a very long time!

7. [+25] As if. There can't be 10 Jennies, their faces could never live up to her.

8. [+11] Wait, how many members do they have in total if they have 10 who are like Jennie?

9. [+6] How does Baby VOX sound like more of a modern name than Baby Monster..

10. [+4] Why? I like Rose, Lisa, and Jisoo.. ㅠ Having 10 Jennies would be nice but that's too much..ㅠ 😢