Taemin reveals he's gained 10 kg since enlisting

Article: "I gained 10 kg" Taemin's latest updates, gaining weight from 'life of schedule' in the military

Source: Insight via Instagram + Insight

1. [+328] He's really too cute

2. [+228] ㅠ He's so cute, even to me who's just passing by in the comments...

3. [+175] He looks a lot healthier

4. [+97] Seeing him sitting there all prim and proper in his posture is so cute ㅠ

5. [+52] He's so damn cute

6. [+228] So cute

7. [+171] He looks way better~~

8. [+137] It's so good to see him like this. I really think everyone has a certain weight they look best in.

9. [+80] He's a baby still... ❤

10. [+50] Being in the army may be good times for him... he gets to eat all he wants

11. [+25] He looks so happy

12. [+8] What an absolute cutie