Kim Sun Ho's ex-girlfriend's ex-husband reveals damning information in new recording

Article: Recording of ex-husband released "Kim Sun Ho's ex-girlfriend cheated with 3 men in the span of 3 weeks"

Source: MBN via Naver

1. [+16,620, -170] I don't think we can be sure that it was even Kim Sun Ho's baby at this point

2. [+7,973, -340] I hope the broadcast production staff members are reflecting over the hasty decisions they made after only listening to this woman's manipulated side of the story. The media played right into it and sent a man's life straight to rock bottom. If none of you can take back what you did, then at least apologize for it...

3. [+5,982, -150] It sounds like she was sleeping around and wound up pregnant and decided to tell Sun Ho it was his because he was the most innocent of the bunch... Sigh, not sure what Kim Sun Ho saw in her to be so accepting of her flaws and love her for real. Not that being a divorcee is anything wrong but he chose to embrace her past and this foolish woman kicked such a caring man away because she couldn't set aside her own greed and salaciousness. Sun Ho's ancestors must've stepped in to help him with this one... With all that's out now, there's no reason Kim Sun Ho can't come back so I hope he takes a nice break and picks a good project to return with. And I think any CF company that picks him up after this will hit daebak if they know how to ride the tide in their favor.

4. [+4,897, -152] If all of this is true, Kim Sun Ho just needs a good break before coming back

5. [+2,490, -247] Forget it all~~~ and come back to where you were. Sun Ho-ya, we miss you~~~

6. [+1,202, -21] I listened to the recording and the woman is truly a mess. I have never been so invested in a celebrity scandal like this and felt so bad for them. Is there no legal action that can be taken against this woman for how she's affected the broadcast and advertisement industry?

7. [+1,145, -31] CF companies need to start putting his work back up. Do not charge him for penalty fees. We are fine with him.

8. [+1,103, -12] If she was seeing three men in the span of three weeks, then who's to say she wasn't sleeping around while dating Kim Sun Ho too? How did she even decide who the baby's father was?

9. [+1,053, -12] Please call the ex-girlfriend 'Anchorwoman Choi Young Ah'. That's only fair! Put your own name on the line if you're going to ruin someone else's~

10. [+756, -10] IF this is all true, how could Kim Sun Ho have such a bad eye for women... He should've cut her off from the very start. He must thank the stars that he never ended up married to her.

11. [+558, -11] For some reason, I feel like she never would've ab*rted the baby if it was truly Kim Sun Ho's..

12. [+448, -17] Sun Ho-ya, find strength. The tables have turned now. Everyone is on your side. Just consider this a life experience and move on.


Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+540] At this point, I'm just suspicious as to whether the ab*rted baby was even Kim Sun Ho's...

2. [+302] She hid the fact that she was a divorcee from him until after they started dating. She got caught seeing other men at clubs but lied to him about it. She got caught with secret recordings of him on her computer... Don't you all get goosebumps hearing about this? After Dispatch's report, it's so obvious who was the one gaslighting and who the victim was.

3. [+282] The tables have completely turned after Dispatch's report, which proves that we should always wait to hear both sides of a story

4. [+152] I think Kim Sun Ho himself is shocked at all that is coming out in the meddia right now. It's shocking to me that such things happen in real life and not only in dramas!! What a scary world. I hope everything gets resolved soon and we can see his great acting again. 'Hometown Cha Cha Cha' has become one of my most favorite dramas...

5. [+56] Instead of all of these reports coming out a week later.. wouldn't it have been better if everyone thoroughly investigated the scandal in the first place? Who will take responsibility for ruining someone's career?