Kim Sun Ho addresses rumors in public apology to ex-girlfriend

Article: 'Actor K' Kim Sun Ho, "I hurt my ex-girlfriend... I genuinely apologize"

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1. [+2,178, -209] Goodbye

2. [+1,490, -140] I'm glad that he at least admitted the truth. There are just too many people who refuse to do even that these days.

3. [+1,179, -64] Why do these people always only apologize after a scandal has happened? They never cared about apologizing before so is an apology that happens only after a scandal a truly genuine apology?

4. [+919, -30] So everything in the rumors was true, that's his whole career crumbling down ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+765, -215] He spent his twenties as a hungry no-name actor and just now won the lottery only to fall straight down ㅋㅋㅋ 

6. [+653, -145] I don't find the woman considerate at all either. Their relationship was over, it was petty of her to expose every bit of his private life to the world like that.

7. [+355, -37] Feels like he didn't even attempt to explain anything... just admitted to everything by saying "I'm sorry"

8. [+515, -301] I originally assumed the woman was in her early twenties with how naive she sounded in her post. Now that her identity's been revealed, she's actually an older divorcee. She totally played the victim act on Kim Sun Ho.

9. [+272, -92] I think it's good that he didn't make this any messier and chose to just admit it clean and fair. He can take a brief hiatus in the name of reflection and I hope he comes back after that.

10. [+136, -12] Kim Sun Ho sucks but I think the woman took it too far by taking him to exile like this. She's been found to be a pretty wealthy woman in her mid-thirties with a failed marriage already. She doesn't seem like the type to have to be dragged into getting an ab*rtion no matter how much she claims he forced it on her.


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1. [+715, -165] Feels like a case where... the man just wanted to date her but never considered her marriage material, whereas the woman was suffering from losing her baby and being dumped by him but still wanted to hold on to him. I know the ab*rtion hurt her but if even one parent chose to not be able to raise the child, then it might've been the better decision to erase it than to hurt the child further by bringing it into the world and having it deal with its parents divorce. 

2. [+447, -10] He needed to have consoled her, make her understand. He shouldn't have left her to stew in her own anger. Think of the world we live in... the world is small, who knows if he ever was meant to cross paths with her again. Don't hurt others as you live your life.

3. [+405, -16] So it was all true

4. [+508, -155] Feels a bit better for him to just cleanly apologize like this

5. [+143, -50] The ajummas need to stop shielding him, this is gross ㅠㅠㅠㅠ


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1. [+955, -307] So the woman was found to have done drunken live streams while pregnant which makes me question if she even wanted the baby... Both sides consented to not using protection, and for her to want a baby that she conceived when they were barely beginning to date would mean the baby would not be so easily welcomed into the world. Whatever, both sides seem foolish to me...

2. [+1,119, -570] His apology is so half-hearted. He should be apologizing straight to the victim. Instead, he just tossed her a "sorry" and it sounds like he's more apologetic to the rest of the people around him.

3. [+584, -66] So he's basically admitting that it's true... We really need higher moral standards for male celebrities.

4. [+451, -93] It's good that his apology is clean. I know that he probably had a lot to say and retort himself but it seems more mature of him to just decide to keep it all buried take it with him. No point in continuing a mud-slinging fight. Just take some time to reflect. An apology letter like this is perfect to prepare him for a better future.

5. [+352, -36] His relationship was never the issue... but his basic attitude when dealing with a person was the problem. His acting talent obviously fated him for bigger things so I hope he takes this as a learning opportunity and realizes that being a public figure isn't so easy..


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1. [+491, -20] No one is responsible for the result of your actions than you yourself. You reap what you sow. Goodbye...

2. [+466, -41] My only problem with this is how Kim Sun Ho handled the situation after she got an ab*rtion. The decision to get an ab*rtion is mutual in my eyes. 

3. [+277, -8] Respect is needed even in a break up

4. [+366, -246] It's ridiculous to me that only one side is getting hate over an action that both parties committed out of love. It's not like the woman bears no responsibility in all of this?

5. [+95, -4] A popular, trending actor... He could've made enough money to live in a large home with a Han River view, how unfortunate now. He was known for his clean image so the shock is that much bigger. I can understand why the woman did what she did out of anger. It sucks what happened, but it was also too much to just bury and move on from. She got an ab*rtion for him only to have to bear watching his "kind" face on TV, it must've been hard. Kim Sun Ho never loved this woman genuinely. He was too blinded by his selfish greed... Whatever the case, I thought I finally found a likable actor but I don't think we'll be seeing his face on TV anymore.


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1. [+122] I first found out about him through his latest drama and further learned that he's been in theater for years, slowly building himself up, so I thought positively of his image and became a fan... Being in a relationship, being in love, all of that is fine.. but this relationship took place last year when he was already a fixed cast member on a variety show and getting his name more known to the public. When he broke up with her, he showed no basic manner of respect or consideration. If his image was being built around this positive version of himself, he should've been more careful. Maybe he wasn't cunning enough like some other celebrities to think that far ahead but the disappointment is just too big, and that's the truth...

2. [+68] I really had no inkling about Kim Sun Ho, this is actually so shocking ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He harmed Shin Min Ah with this scandal, his ex-girlfriend.. I never want to see him again

3. [+40] Goodbye

4. [+30] Yes goodbye~ ㅎ

5. [+2] And this is why we should all remember to speak and act with consideration whether others are watching us or not


Article: 'K Actor' Kim Sun Ho, OP 'A' is a former broadcast star turned influencer

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1. [+1,135, -336] So she used to be a news caster Choi-something. Sigh... as the saying goes, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, it's true~ She already has a history of divorce and she's 37 years old to boot. She should've just considered him a bout of bad luck and just worked harder on her own life. Why act like a dating novice and get all immature by begging on the boots of a man who's trying to leave you? Why go down to rock bottom with him? ㅠㅠ Her identity's all out now and I don't think she can lead a normal life for the time being

2. [+994, -525] His work was more important to him than their relationship. Sounds like any relationship that ended in break up... Was it really worth it to send him to rock bottom over this?

3. [+671, -395] Sounds like an old woman tried to fix her life by landing him but it didn't work out so she turned it into a mud-slinging fight. Too bad people are so quick to pounce on Kim Sun Ho ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+263, -25] Judging by how the comments are so supportive of him now, seems like a lot of you have personal experience getting your exes pregnant and then dumping her ㅋㅋㅋ I actually have morals so thank goodness I'm normal and not like the rest of you

5. [+250, -54] I don't like this woman. What terrible character. She divorced her ex-husband at 37 and let him go with no drama, so why does she have to stomp down her ex-boyfriend like this?? What did she hope to achieve????