Investors worry over the catastrophic reviews for 'Jirisan'

 Article: Bought into 'Jirisan' in trust of Jun Ji Hyun... but lost money due to bad CG

Source: Han via Naver

1. [+3,286, -34] It's not like the drama takes place in the Himalayas, it's just the Jirisan so why not go film there on site? 

2. [+2,675, -62] Couldn't focus. All of the rangers had such clean skin with long, flowy hair. They looked like they went to get facial treatments every day.

3. [+1,903, -34] Their money would've been better spent not on casting expensive actors and CG-ing everything but on good actors who are willing to film on site without the need for such obvious CG.

4. [+1,627, -278] Getting bored of Jun Ji Hyun...

5. [+987, -28] Would it have been so hard for them to just film it at Jirisan instead...?

6. [+506, -41] Jun Ji Hyun's bad at acting, her talent has always been overblown

7. [+360, -16] Jun Ji Hyun does not try enough for how much she's paid

8. [+330, -1] I watched it briefly while flipping through channels and what stood out to me was how clean the supposed outdoors were and the leads all looked like super clean CF models

9. [+340, -23] Hasn't Jun Ji Hyun made enough with her millions in CFs over decades? Enough with her.. I'm so tired of her

10. [+266, -3] I'm tired of watching greedy pigs on TV, I want to see some hungry actors who are willing to do some actual hard work

11. [+246, -3] I'm telling you, this drama is just a 30 billion won NEPA CF

12. [+235, -6] It's not like the drama's about Mount Everest or Baekdoo, why would you even bother CG-ing Jirisan... damn, the actors must've really not wanted to do any hiking pfft

13. [+234, -15] Jun Ji Hyun's acting was just terrible, this is a mess of a drama

14. [+203, -2] I'm fine with actors maintaining their image or whatever but please maintain your acting skills too. Viewers care more about drama immersion than actors just... looking pretty on the screen. The reason Lee Jung Jae of 'Squid Game' is getting so much praise is because he was totally true to his character no matter what it did to his image.

15. [+175, -0] The drama itself is titled 'Jirisan'... if they weren't willing to film it at the actual location, why did they agree to the casting?

16. [+163, -3] It's titled 'Jirisan' but filmed at a studio... If they're going to CG everything, at least don't make it so obvious... And why are the rangers so pasty, do they cake up in sunscreen or what?