Black Pink switches over to iPhones after contract with Samsung ends

Article: "Black Pink is ruthless after contract with Samsung is over" iPhone pictures earn attention

Source: Han via Naver

1. [+8,672, -225] It's fine if you're not loyal but at least read the room

2. [+2,726, -98] They're free to use whatever phones they want but was it necessary to make a comment like that.. ㅠ "Just barely changed it - new phone, cute case"

3. [+2,610, -84] Really disappointed in Black Pink with this. No respect at all to the company that hired them as CF models. Especially the comment about how she was barely able to change her phone. If they like iPhones so much, what was the contract with Samsung for? Purely money? No respect at all for our own country's company? ㅠ

4. [+1,674, -83] I agree that this is quite disloyal of them

5. [+674, -130] Why not just stick to Samsung if you were models for them ㅠ

6. [+489, -10] It cheapens their image to know that they'll just switch over to a competitor as soon as their contracts are over. Any future company that hires them as models is crazy.

7. [+443, -1] They're free to use whatever they want but this isn't the first time that the Black Pink members went around sharing pictures of their phone on SNS to advertise competitors ㅋㅋ Well, this is how they taint their own image, I guess

8. [+378, -6] The problem isn't that they're using Apple. It's that they're advertising it to their fans all over the world. Was it necessary? Especially to say how she "just barely changed it"... sigh...

9. [+324, -1] Free advertisement for a competitor's company ㅋㅋ Samsung must feel so empty seeing this

10. [+225, -5] Samsung better not hire any Black Pink or YG artist as models again!

11. [+211, -6] Look at BTS, they advertise Samsung without even being prompted to

12. [+193, -1] I don't think it's disloyal so much as it is inconsiderate

13. [+171, -1] Paid to advertise Samsung but advertising Apple not only for free but out of their own pockets

14. [+174, -6] Wow... so disloyal. Changed their phones all together.. Feels like a splash of cold water. 

15. [+159, -2] They're not that young so surely they should know the competitor relationship between Samsung and Apple in the world market? Or do they not care at all other than what they're paid for? Even if their contract was only for a year, how is the public or the CF company supposed to read this as? Or they just really don't care?


Source: Naver

1. [+2,013, -153] I know this is off topic but BTS always uses Samsung phones..

2. [+1,489, -47] There may not be any legal problems with this but it's a matter of business morality

3. [+1,233, -36] They're free to use what they want but is it necessary to promote a competitor's product like that? I get that their contracts are over, but...

4. [+1,134, -23] Just no sense of professionalism... They'll lose trust with advertisers, though I doubt they care now because they're so famous ㅋ I wouldn't worry anyway, they're already so rich...

5. [+876, -32] I don't care what they use but there's a basic level of consideration and respect here that they failed to uphold. Samsung better not invest another cent into them again, tsk tsk.

6. [+696, -13] Just don't use them as CF models next time

7. [+375, -22] They do not seem fit to be CF models anymore

8. [+348, -6] They're free to use what they want but I can see Samsung feeling pissed over this ㅋㅋ

9. [+213, -6] They can use what they want but did they have to make it so obvious??

10. [+208, -7] I think attitude when it comes to this stuff goes a long way. It may not matter logically but I think a true professional would know that this is not appropriate behavior.