American artist Oliver Tree apologizes for inappropriate photoshop of the late Jonghyun's funeral portrait

 Article: Singer Oliver Tree apologizes for using the late Jonghyun's funeral portrait to promote his concert

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+1,328] This is not something that can be solved with just an apology ㅋㅋ

2. [+1,046] I don't think he can recover any trust with the Koreans anymore after this..

3. [+807] This definitely seems intentional?

4. [+568] I don't even care for this news. How dare you use something like this for your own attention?..

5. [+530] His initial reaction was to ridicule... and only now he's apologizing?

6. [+308] Ugh, starting my morning pissed off;;

7. [+230] How was this not intentional? How is he talking as if this just happened by coincidence?

8. [+165] If the theme was about death, why not make up his own funeral portrait?

9. [+89] You can't just get away with doing something intentional like this and thinking an apology is all it takes

10. [+426] There are some lines that should not be crossed, is he crazy?


Source: Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+695] Photoshopping anything on to a funeral portrait is not sane at all

2. [+206] Who is this, f*ck off

3. [+95] It doesn't matter who the funeral portrait belongs to, you shouldn't photoshop yourself onto anyone's 😕

4. [+75] So he's saying he didn't know it belonged to a celebrity... is he implying that it wouldn't have mattered if he did it to a non-celebrity's portrait???

5. [+31] Breaks my heart to think that his last portrait in life was used as someone's photoshop project