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Thursday, September 9, 2021

Yoojoo signs with Kang Daniel's agency

Article: Yoojoo signs with Kang Daniel's agency Connect and shares new profile pictures

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+161] I really thought she was Seo Min Jae

2. [+151] Her make up style has changed a lot since her idol days, she looks way prettier with a vibe

3. [+19] Wow, such a pretty vibe

4. [+17] Who is this?

5. [+12] Yoojoo is pretty and kind ❤️

6. [+4] She's so cute in the fourth picture

7. [+1] I think it's because of her hair that people feel like her style has changed, not her face!! The whole vibe of this look is so my style... 😍💖

8. [+2] I thought this was Lee Yoori 😍

9. [+8] She looks like a different person

10. [+7] Her beauty is really at its peak 

11. [+11] Did she get her double eyelids done?

12. [+3] Something looks different, she looks like Tiffany



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