The volume of K-Pop idol content is unrivaled

Article: Why Korean idol groups are so popular

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

Plenty of content videos:
Music show stages
Choreography fancam
Individual member fancam
Individual member facecams
Ceiling cams
Vlogs while exiting the music shows
Random play dance
Relay dance
2X speed dance
Blindfold dance
Cover dance challenges
ASMR lives
Switching up concepts
Choreography dance practices
Dance practice with part switches
Dance practice with Halloween costumes
Waiting room vlogs
Behind the scenes at award shows


1. [+108] The staff put in a lot of hard work~ ❤️

2. [+66] This is so true... I was always a fan of foreign artists but when I started being a fan of idol groups, the content is no joke. Whenever a group has a comeback, you basically get a full schedule of photoshoots, pictures.. and the physical albums come chock full of different things. Just so much content..

3. [+19] The staff really do work hard to put all this together.. 👏👏🔥🔥❤

4. [+13] The more popular groups have more content to put out...

5. [+6] I think we're past the point where it's just idol content, and it's become a part of our music industry's culture. A lot of soloists and musicians have physical albums with photobooks included when it used to only be the CD and a lyric book and it feels like all this content is a must for any musician nowadays when it was limited to idols before.

6. [+1] It's a system where you can't help but fangirl over many different groups..

7. There are some groups that don't do any of this stuff at all. Their agencies only want to keep all their charms to themselves and don't send them out on any shows. I'm just glad they create their own content at least. Ugh, sick of this mysterious concept.

8. Proud to be a Buddy.. they're the only group with dance videos wearing an eye mask..

9. From all the self produced content to V app stuff... honestly, I have to take the time to watch them all at once because it's too much to catch up with on time

10. And this is why I've become a fan of so many different groups.. it's not my fault after all